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Help to realize the dream of music, successful end of the final of the 26th campus singer competition of THTI Cup. Tsinghua University

Time:2016-12-10 12:09    Publisher:admin

In theevening of December 10th, the final of the campus singer competitionof THTI Cup. Tsinghua University was held in the comprehensive gymnasium ofTsinghua University, and the top 10 outstanding campus singers gave theirexcellent performance on site and gave keen competition for the champion, therunners-up and the third place of this campus singer competition. THTI was uniquelytitled for this campus singer competition and helped the students who lovemusic to realize their music dreams.

On thecompetition site, Shi Zongkai who is the deputy secretary of TsinghuaUniversity party committee and Dong Jun who is the president of THTI HoldingsCompany Limited together put the original music album VOICE MEMENTO AGE made byTsinghua students into the gramophone, which was the mark that the album wasofficially and firstly released.

In the night,Shi Zongkai who is the deputy secretary of Tsinghua University party committeegave a speech on the platform. There are 26 campus singer competitions heldtill now. He felt proud for the students who performed their talents andreleased their passions on the stage and said Tsinghua University had providedvarious and abundant activity experience for Tsinghua students through multipleplans and works and would continuous build the platforms in future to provideexcellent conditions for students to display their talents. At the same time,he also expressed his thanks to THTI and Dun Jun who supported Tsinghuastudents’ activities.

The campussinger competition of Tsinghua University is the traditional large-sizeliterature and art activity in Tsinghua campus and was widely followed andsupported by the university and brother colleges, and till now it had been heldfor 26 times. The final attracted more than 1 000 audience in total to watch onsite. The 10 singers selected from hundreds of players carried out three roundsof excellent competing speeches and at last, the players Su Han, Jin Jian and ZhouHuaiyu respectively won the first three places. Shi Zongkai who is the deputysecretary of Tsinghua University party committee, Dong Jun who is the chairmanof THTI and Cheng Fang who is the president of THTI presented the awards to thethree players. The competition ended in the enthusiastic applauses andbeautiful music.

Now let’sreview the grand occasions onsite.

Guest &judges Nanzhengbeizhan lighted the site with the rock passion.

Unchained andenthusiastic songs and dances

Soulfulbeautiful girls and handsome boys

Harmonic andunchained A Cappella

Characteristicpowerful singers

Enthusiasticatmosphere and audience

Limited by the length, allof the excellent cannot be presented;

but the music is unlimitedand the heart for dream will never stop.

THTI cheers for everyonewho is chasing for dreams!

(Marketing department: Li Xing)