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The Fund Donation Ceremony Was Held

Time:2016-04-25 12:06    Publisher:admin

On April 25, the Fund donation ceremony, initiated and raised by Dong Jun, co-chairman of the THTI Board, was held at the East Hall of Tsinghua Garden. President of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong, deputy party secretary Shi Zongkai and vice president and chairman of the Education Foundation Jiang Shengyao attended the ceremony. Li Jiaqiang, deputy secretary-general of Tsinghua University and secretary-general of the Education Foundation presided over the donation ceremony.

Jiang Shengyao, Dong Jun and Li Jiaqiang are signing the donation agreement. Reporter Yuan Jie

Jiang Shengyao, Dong Jun, Li Jiaqiang signed the donation agreement and then Qiu Yong awarded a donation certificate to Dong Jun.

Qiu Yong is expressing his sincere gratitude to Dong Jun for his ongoing care and support for the development of the university

Reporter Yuan Jie

Qiu Yong expressed his sincere gratitude to Dong Jun for his ongoing care and support for the development of the university. Qiu Yong said that Tsinghua is going ahead along the development path towards "World-class, Chinese Characteristics, Tsinghua Style" and it cannot achieve its ambition without the support of a majority of alumni. Dong Jun, who additionally donated to Tsinghua University Fund by, is an outstanding example of alumni’s great contributions to their alma mater, which will definitely lead and inspired more alumni to support the construction of their alma mater in a variety of active ways. Qiu Yong also promised that in return for alumni’s care and love for their alma mater, the school would effectively manage the use of every donated fund, reform with keen determination and forge ahead to promote the development of the school and strive to help create a more brilliant Tsinghua University in the new century.

Dong Jun is making a speech Reporter Yuanjie

Dong Jun said in his speech that, as a "Tsinghua person", he benefited a lot from the school and the teaching staff while he studied in Tsinghua University. This time, he felt it a great honor to make an additional donation to Fund for the construction and development of his alma mater.

Shi Zongkai introduced the donation background of Fund. He said that Dong Jun has always abided by the spirit of Tsinghua and he is so concerned about the development of his alma mater that he not only initiated Fund and has been donating to it directly, actively makes suggestions for the development of the school, but he is also directly involved in the student training and guidance work, making important contributions to the development of his alma mater --- Tsinghua University.

It is reported that Fund was initiated and launched by Dong Jun in December, 2012 in the Tsinghua University Education Foundation. It is an open fund, aimed to support the construction and development of Tsinghua University, especially to support and inspire more Tsinghua graduates to make their contribution in the grassroots organizations as well as the national key industries and regions. This time Dong Jun made an additional donation to Fund, of which 200 million yuan will be used for the construction of the Student Activity Center Building.

Dong Jun, the 1984 the Mechanical Engineering Department alumni of Tsinghua University, is also co-chairman of the THTI Board, member of the Tsinghua University Alumni Association and member of the Standing Committee of Taiyuan Municipal Congress, Shanxi Province.