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The Highest Goodness Is Like Water, Benefits All Things---The symposium Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Tsinghua University Education Foundation Was Held.

Time:2014-04-29 11:54    Publisher:admin

On the morning of April 29, the symposium marking the 20th anniversaryof the establishmentof the Tsinghua University Education Foundation was held in Tsinghua Garden. Partysecretary of Tsinghua University Chen Xu, vice president and current chairman of Foundation Jiang Shengyao along with former leaders such as Fang Huijian, Wang Dazhong, He Meiying, Yang Jiaqing, Cen zhangzhiattended the meeting.

Party secretaryof Tsinghua University Chen Xuis making a speech. Reporter Chi Fei

Chen Xu congratulated on the 20th anniversary of theestablishmentof the Tsinghua University Education Foundation and fully affirmed the significant achievements that the Foundation has made over the 20 years. She said that after years of exploration and development, the Foundation has made great improvementin capital raising, operation and management, team building and other aspects, making important contributions to the university personnel training, scientific research, team building, campus infrastructure and social welfare undertakings. Chen Xu pointed out that the school was actively applying to become a national education reform pilot area and was accelerating the speed of the constructionof a world-class Tsinghua university. She hoped the Foundation could seize the opportunity to have a faster and better development sticking to the framework of the school's overall development plan. To achieve this goal, the Foundation must strengthen the cooperationwith various departments,mobilizethe forcesinside and outsideschool to enhance the efficiency of the joint work as well asfurther improve the work refinement and the professional level. The school will, as always, give strong support to the work of the Foundation.

Wang Dazhong,formerpresident and the first chairman of the Foundation, pointed out that for the past two decades, the Foundation has made great progress along the road of "Emancipating the Mind; Reforming and Innovating". The main donationbody has been expanding and the proportion of alumni has been increasing year by year. Besides, to forward the development of the school’s respective cause, funds allocationof the Foundation tends to be more and more diverse. For example, itis widely used in scholarships, research funds, talent funds and so on.In the next 20 years, the Foundation needs to "step out" to actively learn the successful experience of the operationfrom the first-class foreignuniversity foundationsso as to promote its work to a higher level.

Former Partysecretary of Tsinghua and the second chairman of the FoundationHe Meiying reviewed the establishment and development of the Foundation. She said that thanks to the strong supportfrom the school leaders and alumni as well as the creative work of the Foundation colleagues, the Foundation has developed from nothing and with time going by, it is growing stronger and stronger.She expressed her gratitude to the enterprises, people from all walks of life and alumni at home and abroad for their generous contributions to the school. Meanwhile, she hoped that, during a new century journeyof the development of Tsinghua University, they would continue towork togetherwith the Foundation to promote the construction of a world-class Tsinghua University by raising funds as well as contributing wisdom,enthusiasm andenergy.

At the symposium, Tsinghua University 1978 ArchitectureDepartment alumni Liang Botong, 1981 ElectronicsDepartmentalumni Deng Feng, 1981 EngineeringDepartment alumni Cha Yang, 1982 ArchitectureDepartment alumni Lan Chun, 1984 Mechanical Engineering Department alumni Dong Jun, 1985 ElectronicsDepartment alumni Zhao Weiguo, 1985 PhysicsDepartment alumni Chen Yuan, 1988 School of Economics Management Alumni Wang Jiwu, 1989 ChemistryDepartment alumni Chi Yufeng, 2002 School of Economics Management alumni Li Zujiaand other alumni donor representativesmade speeches, offering advice and suggestions to the future development of the Foundation.They promised to fully graspthe new century development opportunitiesof their alma mater,making their contributions in areas such as further publicizing Tsinghua, enhancingits image, making friends in a wide range and actively raising funds. They also expressed their determinations to continue to help builda world-classTsinghua University with its unique Chinese characteristics.

The participants at the anniversary. Reporter Chi Fei

Tsinghua University Education Foundation, formally incorporated in 1994, is the earliest university education foundationestablished after the founding of China. The mission of the Foundation is to provide strong supportfor the development of Tsinghua University. It actively mobilizes a variety of social resources to support Tsinghua University personnel training, scientific research, teacher’s team construction, campus infrastructure and other aspects. In addition, itmakes the fullest of the comprehensive strengthsof Tsinghua University’stechnology and talent to provide public service for the whole society. In 2013, the Foundation was rated as "5A-level social organization" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and became the foundation obtaining the highest level of national certification.

More than 30 people attended the symposium, including members of the Foundation, supervisor representatives, heads of differentdepartments and alumni donors. Secretary-general of the FoundationLi Jiajiangchaired the symposium.