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Cheng Fang, the President of Tiholding: the Next “Exit” of the Young People on 8th August

Time:2016-08-08 13:45    Publisher:tiholding

The process of entrepreneurship isn’t a level road at all times.

However,to seek to live on the disgusting survival condition will be a failure, which will even fall the cliff.

In a physical space, design and decorationis the absin the-green fresh wind. The young people aged twenties and thirties can gather here for venture, office, entertainment and social contact, holding a variety of activities for sharing and exchanging and enjoying the glorious life. Here is a promised land of the young people in a new era, where is the irpassionate ground. This is the Creative Youth Community where can gather the energy of young people and play their greatest value as a youth complex.

"Creative Youth Community was a brand of new young community created by Tiholding and the World Union, the largest domestic estate consultant in May 2015. To be precise, Creative Youth Community isn’t a concept of purely public space, but it is a wide range of youth complex, which integrates the entrepreneurship office, social contact and entertainment. "

ChengFang, the President of Tiholding and CEO of Creative Youth Community said in the interview: “With the development of the time, the consumer demand of young people is more and more diverse. However, in real life, for most young people,in addition to work, leisure life is relatively very monotonous. Creative YoungCommunity satisfies the multiple needs of young people, to create a youth-oriented complex space community. In an era, the young people have their pursuit thing and Creative Young Community will be the next 'exit' for the young people.”

After successful building the Innoway, Tiholding and Shenzhen WorldUnion Properties Consultancy Co.,Ltd jointly launched the Creative Youth Community by its dedication. With the core of “entrepreneurship office and experience commercial”, this community is an integration of many functions such as the entrepreneurship, work, social contact and entertainment, which is the first space in the first orientated "young community ". The CreativeYouth Community is effectively reduced the cost of pioneering enterprises andimproved the efficiency of operational office and stimulated the entrepreneurial vitality of enterprises through the community space so as to boost the innovation and entrepreneurship from the park and block and the community, which can achieve the transition and upgrade in the whole chain.

An Invisible Net Arranged in China

On 25th May, 2016, Creative Young Community held an anniversary celebration in Beijing. In the meeting, Cheng Fang, the CEO of Creative Young Community introduced the achievement in the last year and officially released the "Creative Office" independent and shortcut brand and a platform of creative life of "Young Goods" and cooperated with a number of agencies, funds and program parties signed a cooperativeagreement.

"Creative Young Community is flagship project launched byTiholding in recent years to build a comprehensive community. Focusing on this flagship project in this community, we extend 2 main product lines. One is the ‘Creative Office’ of entrepreneurship office andother one is the innovative platform of ‘Young Goods’”. Cheng Fang said in an interview: "We have 2 products lines in "Creative Young Community.Essentially, one is a space logic and the other is the product logic. To build these two main axles, we want to further improve the city layout of the country and plan to choose 18 cities with more than a million people. We hope to complete the layout of these cities to form a network in China.”

Since its inception in May 2015, the Creative Young Community has developed in China. Up to now, there are 8 cities like Beijing, Shenzhen,Guangzhou, Xiamen, Suzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and Changshu, landing 10 projects, with a total operation area of more than 20 square meters and over 300 entered enterprises. Fang Cheng said: "When we went to these cities,we want to create a complete Creative Young Community as far as possible, which is based on the flagship project of community of the young people.” In this space, many elements that the young people love are as follows: entrepreneurship, office, social contact and entertainment, to stimulate their enthusiasm and energy and truly maximize their value. "

For Creative Young Community, in the next three years, we have to complete the layout of 18 cities in China at the same time and build 10,000offices. There is the self-support and self-built space by the Creative Young Community and the space of partner to access the unified Creative Office platform. In this Office platform, we must build the space in accordance with the criteria to provide a unified offline service. In the opinion of Cheng Fang,the platform of Creative Office is not only a space, but it is also a place towork. We hope that the Young Community can be achieved to the ultimate, so as to make a real brand in the field of public office.

The layout of 18 cities has been completed in the Creative Youth Community, to build an invisible spatial network base, so as to launch a promotion platform on the offline experience of "Young goods" . A major difficulty for the survival and development of the pioneering enterprise is to solve the product promotion and marketing and sales. For the universal "pain points" of the enterprise, if there is the new arrival, the enterprises of the Creative Young Community can launch their products in 18 major cities and 50 exhibition rooms in China on the same day to provide the efficient and high-quality experience to the users.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to these two main lines of Creative Young Community, other services like the Creative Fiance and Creative Media are to further accelerate and optimize these two product lines.Thus, it is easy to see that creation is actually to do the sharing economy in terms of time, space, labor power and channel by the unified approach and the standardized model to provide the very high shared services to the entrepreneurs with the high cost performance.

“Galley proof” Eaten from the Chafing Dish Restaurant

In the Creative Young Community, the objects who entered into the park are the young entrepreneurs aged over 20 years old to 40 years old . In the era of mobile Internet, the power of scientific and technological innovation has become increasingly prominent, and the value of people will also rise. The transformation of the business model in the future, especially the model of incubator, should be constructed by people.As the most promising young people in China, they are the main force to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. As for the demo of advertised "Youth complex", it is no doubt an excellent opportunity. As Fang Cheng said,what we need to do is to help these young people to start easier and we also make the young people's life more colorful.

"When we are conceiving the CreativeYoung Community, we focus on 2 basic principles. Firstly, we must seize the group of young people. Tiholding has made many incubators without subdividing the service objects, which are generally referred to as 'entrepreneurs'. Infact, the entrepreneurs of different ages are totally various in the requirement, appeal and preferences of the space. The young people are viewed as the target group, and we must focus on them in establishment of space products and services. Secondly, why should we do in the community? Young people are more active with a lot of requirement and they don’t like the singleness and monotonousness. Then, if a space has the appeal at several points in certain scene, the user’s stickiness will be stronger. Therefore, we position it to serve the compound-type space of the young people, which is the community. "Cheng Fang explained it like this.

The term of "Xiaoyang" is the homonym of the English name "Young" , which means the young people,with the very distinct characteristics, which can make people remember it. After the name of "Xiaoyang", there is a rather interesting story.Before the establishment of the company, the three partners, including ChengFang, are often discussing together. One day, when they talked to the company’s name, they didn’t find the right one in the whole morning. At noon, three of them went to the nearby traditional Chafing Dish Restaurant named Old Peking Boiled Meat Uncle Yang to have instant-boiled mutton. For nearly 30 years, the Chafing Dish Restaurant of Uncle Yang is genuine, and the taste is very good. It was built when they studied in Tsinghua University and it has been operated now. For three of them, this chafing dish restaurant is like one of their friends.

They had instant-boiled mutton in the house of “old friends”, but the name of company was uncertain. They were like a fish bone getting stuck in the throat and were thinking about the name. We were eating while talking and a partner blurted out "sheep and Xiaoyang". We were suddenly enlightened and thought that "Xiaoyang" was good, and the homophonic"sheep" could be viewed as the company's "mascot."Moreover, the "Xiaoyang" was used in China, which is usually referred to a appellation of a child by the elder, meaning love and affection, having a little banter, which isn’t serious, yet being catchy. The words that are related to “Xiaoyang” such as “blossom age” and "The excellent young people" have a profound interpretation of the new generation and the bold pioneering spirit, which is the result of the outbreak in inspiration at the moment. In this way, the name of “Xiaoyang” was created when they were eatingthe instant-boiled mutton in chafing dish restaurant of Uncle Yang in 2015,which seemed a matter destined somewhere.

In the logo of Xiaoyang , the absin the-green sheep head is composed by letter of "C" and letter of"V", meaning "Creative Young Community". The logo isrepresentative of a "sheep", which is blue sheep in the natural world. It lives in a high and cold and arid zone and the dual angles of its head is like "V" shape. If there is an edge with a distance of a foot, it can jump and climb to gnaw for grass among crevices to look for the green grass to eat. There are striking similarities with the entrepreneurs. The process of entrepreneurship has never been a smooth process. However, if you seek to live on the harsh living condition, you will fall off a cliff at anytime.

In addition, the logo is a sheep's head in pale green and white,giving people a feeling of "the blue sky and the green grass",advocating a fresh and comfortable space style. In all the national young people community, they are used the light green as the main color of the officespace, which can make people fell quiet, so that they can work for a long time, being very popular by the entrepreneurs.

Be a Good “Principal Tenant”

Now, in the trend of "public entrepreneurship and innovation", various forms of maker coffee shops,entrepreneurship incubators and the public a space are springing up like mushrooms. However, it is daunting and difficult thing in how to profit these companies. With the operation experience of incubator in many years, Tiholding clearly knows its business model and profitable way. Cheng Fang responded to this: "We are a principal tenant who hope to become high level, so that the pioneering enterprise will trust and love us, which is our ideal."

"Beijing a principal tenant is not shameful, but it is shameful that you can’t be a good head tenant." Cheng Fang laughed in an interview: "Our current profit point is the collection of rent of head tenant and the service charge of enterprise service." In the CreativeYoung Community, the difference between the general public space and incubatoris that we don’t provide the business taxation, team management and legal advice, which are open to the service providers. However, as the business service charge of the head tenant, the most basic contents are included, such as the daily security, cleaning and greening and other basic services such asthe catering, hotel reservation and ticket purchase.

The Creative Young Community do a good“principal tenant” because they look to further increase in the entrepreneurship and office with the operation and incubation space for many years. There are many short slabs that are ignored by many people, which are needed to attach importance to and improve. Fang Cheng explained: "We are targeting this market and the main reason is that the requirement of the office place to the small and medium enterprises is very strong. In the traditional business model, the cost of the office space by the pioneering enterprise is high. There is no space that is suitable in the cost performance in the market.By using the standardized mode, the copy and output of chain and significant reducing the cost, we can provide the business services with a very high cost performance. "

In the opinion Cheng Fang, Creative YoungCommunity do 3 things perfectly and other things won’t affect the experience of the users. The first thing is the sanitation. The space isn’t certainly high in level, but it must be clean and tidy, especially the bathroom and all the corridors. In fact, it very difficult to do it. Timely repair should be made tothe place whose wall skin is lost. Urgent treatment must be taken to the place whose tile is damaged. The second thing is that if there is something wrong inthe equipment, we must resolve it immediately instead of delay for a few days.If the bulb of the office is broken and the network is bad, we must be resolve them within two hours. The third thing is the more fundamental service. We must try out best to provide a delicious meal in the dining area, with the cheap price and good taste. Now, many people are reluctant to do these things carefully, but in fact it is a secret to retain the customers.

“Creative Young Community”Supported by“Great Tiholding

As one of the operation in the planning of Creative Young Community, Tiholding, Tongfang, Unis and Tus-Holdings are affiliated with Tsinghua Holdings. Since the early 1980s, relying on the scientific research strength and the superiority of trained personnel of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Holdings is always adhering to the way of enterprises-universities-researches Integration and the development strategy of ecologicalization, socialization and internationalization to drive the three-chain integration of "the innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain " so as to promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, the innovative business incubators and investmentand operation professionalization, which has formed 6 Tsinghua industrial clusters such as the diversified integrated science-and-technology enterprise incubator, the science and technology industry, innovative services, technology finance, creative industries and modern education industry, promoting its innovation and entrepreneurship into the aggregation incubation 3.0 times and becoming a world-class- industrial aircraft carrier of the first-rate educational establishment.

On 26th June, 2016, with the theme of “casting the weighing machine and winning the future”, “2016 Tsinghua Holdings·The Summer Davos Forum of China Business Network” was held in Tianjin.Xu Jinghong, the Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings announced at the meeting:Tsinghua Holdings will start "Star Aggregation Plan" and "Cornerstone Plan" in the next five years, which will cultivate over 500 enterprises of science and technology and innovation with the capital of over CNY 100 million.R & D fund of CNY 50 billion will be invested to establish CNY 10 billion to transfer the special fund in the scientific and technological achievements,which can accelerate the conversion of 50 major scientific and technological achievements, of which at least five ones can reach the world-leading level.Through the implementation of these two programs, the ecological system of entrepreneurship incubation will be further upgraded to promote the research and development of the major scientific and technological projects and vigorously enhance the new breakthroughs in the science and technology service and scientific and technological innovation in Tsinghua industry as two mainlines.

Adhering to the work style like “ seeking truth from facts and being practical” and “least talk, most work”, Tongfang and Unis subordinated to Tus-Holdings and the Creative Young Community jointly created by Tiholding and WORLDUNION and the entrepreneurship incubator of TusStar come down to earth and work like a horse to influence and change people's mind, so that they play to maximize their value. Under the backgroundof Internet+ era and "double abilities" , Tsinghua people throw themselves into the innovation and entrepreneurship from Tsinghua Park on the northwest corner of Beijing through their unremitting efforts to extend the industrial experience into each link of the innovation and entrepreneurship and integrate the solid work into the service of innovation and entrepreneurship,so as to hatch and train more innovative talents, creating the technology company with higher level.

As the newest platform in the industry chain of Tiholding and one of its parent company, Creative Young Community is acollection of the most active and the most creative force of young people. Now,“Creative Young Community” with Tsinghua, is loading a large industrial aircraft carrier of Tsinghua Holdings to enter into the service aggregation incubation 3.0 times of innovation and entrepreneurship. In the future, we will build a more comprehensive entrepreneurship service ecological chain, create amore excellent innovative enterprise service system by creating a more favorable entrepreneurial environment, so as to meet the diverse needs of different groups of young entrepreneurs, providing the polymorphous space of entrepreneurship and office, so that the Creative Young Community can become areal paradise for the young people.

(Article from: Chuangtouxing)