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Cheng Fang, the President of Tiholding: What Should the Industrial Park do under the New Situation

Time:2016-07-21 15:02    Publisher:tiholding

On July 21st, 2016, the Forum of Site Revolution· Development of Innovation Spacewas held in Beijing. At the meeting, Cheng Fang, the President of Tiholding,the General Manager of Xiaoyang Youth Community and the General Manager of Innoway made a subject speech “The Product Thinking of Zhongchuang Space”. In his view, the essence of the Zhongchuang Space is space,space is a good obligation, good service is the mutual affection and the good investment is fate.

Spaceis good obligation. It is very important to offer a space to the entrepreneurs,which is the most comfortable, the most cost-effective and is the best. Infact, it is needed to a hard work. Space is not easy to do well because the reare too many details.

Good investment is fate. The logic of the Zhongchuang Space doesn’t earn money, and we can make money by investment. I want to tell you and you should think of your own pocket. If you can earn money and allow a low probability ofsuccess in investment. In early investment, how to get a higher efficiency and have a higher investment accuracy? After all, there is no law, and we must vote the sufficient quantity.

Good service is a mutual affection. The service of Zhongchuang Space is based on the users’ need as the starting point. The cost of Zhongchuang Space is insufficient to support the cost of a high-speed professional services team, but you can open up the platform and outsource the professional institution.

The President of Tiholding;

The GeneralManager of Xiaoyang Youth Community;

The General Manager of Innoway;

Fang Cheng

It is about his memoir of speech:

Cheng Fang: Good AfternoonI am very pleased to come to this forum.

In my opinion, I think that the business logic is the original starting point for construction of Zhongchuang Space. We know that the nature of Zhongchuang Spaceis to offer the industrial services and business services. The industrial services and business services play a role, and the thing to connect some dimensions in these elements is very important.

For example, what we do most is the incubator and Zhongchuang Space. The development logic is based on the investment. Investment is the original intention to establish all the space,which is also a channel for realization, focusing on the industry and breaking through the link between the industrial capital. Everyone agrees “incubator +investment”, or “investment + service”. In such a path of construction, isn’tit all? I think that this goes far beyond. To consider other elements, there are too many points of integration. For example, for the network of pulling hook, in fact, it is to make the efficiency of industrial cooperation more efficient. Efficiency is the core of social collaboration. Therefore, we think it in reverse. How to construct theZhongchuang Space? Through our efforts and resources and services, does the efficiency of such a social collaboration accelerate? If there is, you go with the way and lead a new hope of the development in the industry. If not, we will review ourselves and the thing without efficiency will be eliminated.

Therefore, at the beginning of the year,there were many enterprises that were closed down by the media, which was cleared out. What is the red line? I think, to provide the best chance of business service has an opportunity in entrepreneur services. There are some activities in the space, such as opening up the industry and market. In fact,it is to help the technology companies and the products of pioneering enterprise to connect the final-consumption market. Incubator helps the technologycompanies to find a market? Is it higher than these services? Is is faster than the platform? The sales experience is revealed through the off line to experience such a sales behavior with the consumers. In the future, there will be more and more way to open the market of product, such as the online way and offline way.

What is the second one? In fact, It is optimistic about the combination between the capital and technology. To some extent, the realization and commercialization is supported. From the beginning of this year, the high-efficiency transformation of technological achievementis actually the new essence. The model is based on the exchange center of technical transformation in the Science and Technology Development Department by the transaction in technology market instead of the main mode of information connection.

I think that the deep level is similar to the pattern like the U.S.A Company. Some technological achievements were transformed into the fund. How to operate more effectively from the technological achievement into the fund, with no matureexperience. Especially the buyout of knowledge achievements, we can cultivate our own team of engineers for the technical achievement, and the aging results will come into the market. There are many achievements and concepts that are needed to explore. However, there is no essential mode. Thus, I think this is the opportunity for the practitioners of Zhongchuang Space. There is an advantage to the enterprise from zero to one in this stage. What we do is to help the company to grow from one to N. The advantage of the industrial incubator in the professional industry is more obvious. Because it can focus on the basicelements of the industry, the system of incubator is actually what resources wehave and what service objects. Our core is actually to do one thing, which isto accelerate these benefits.

There is how to achieve the docking between the technology and professional team. This is when we did many scientific and technological achievements in the past. Don’t worry about money.Teacher has the patent results, but the teacher said that I can’t create acompany, which needs a partner who understands the technology and commercial. I do trust people who help me to establish this company. It is more difficult to help teachers find someone than to help him find the money. A large number of projects are found in the market. Otherwise, there is such a good idea without such a project.

Therefore,I think that the achievement between the talent and technology in the future,which could do some work. In fact, two dimensions among six elements(personnel, industry, technology, capital, market and space) are offered and explored by us.

The product thinking is the 2nd Zhongchuang Space.

Now,for the platform thinking of Zhongchuang Space, I give a different idea. It is easy to do addition,but it is difficult todo subtraction.

I am accustomed to my concept, and I am used to talk about my service and system for the demand perfection. However, I ignore the real foothold of Zhonghucang Space to create what kind of ervice product and what mechanism I really establish.It can be said that thepublicity document and correspondence of Zhongchuang Space is the biggest. Its website is all over the world, which is very anxious to achieve 170-180results.

I can only talk about this thing, but we should be calm when we are considering things. When weare doing addition, there is asentence in the drawing. The strength is required in addition and the courage is used in subtraction. We not only need the courage, but we also need the wisdom. Therefore, I say that when we do Zhongchuang Space, we should have the productthinking compared with the platform thinking.

How do I understand the products? In my view of product thinking, for accurate service or thing, the products may havesix levels. The first level is specific users who are specific factors inZhongchuang Space, as long as they are entrepreneur, they are our users.Entrepreneurs have been divided into different groups. Present entrepreneursare different from that before and after five years, and we need to clearly understand our incubation objects. The second level is clear demand, and the entrepreneurs have a lot of demands. We shall make clear unresolved demand which are the real demands and which are not necessary.

The experience of Zhongchuang Space operation was too deep, for example, we choose the best devices to play two movies. The result is that no one is present amazingly, and the entrepreneursare too tired to watch movies with you too.

The first is to meet the requirements, and the second is to use the best, fastest and most efficient way. It is necessary to assess if the services produce valueand if the services we did for entrepreneurs is what they need. Later, we found out that thevalue of the services did not produce much practical significance for entrepreneurial activities. For example, entrepreneurs making friends looks like the building relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend, which shows clear object and demand, blind date also is clear form of service. But, firstly the last mechanism and evaluation is hard to be quantified. Secondly it haslimited value without proper price, and no price means no business model in Zhongchuang Space, because users do not knowthe price to pay for your services. The last is the clear feedback. It means the services you provide produce value with clear charge. At last, you enjoy the corresponding services, which clearly evaluate my service if it is worthy and if the price is highnecessarily. For example, for the activities we did, Irepeatedly said in our own system that entrepreneurial activities are not only for doing them. The activity department often takes a plan and asks PE to doit. What does the purpose of the thing you do? Is it for producing influence?But I wonder which indicators enhance influence? Even if after you finish the activity, the public accounts and quantity of fans increase by one hundred, butit did not happen, so this is my understanding in six levels for the products.

Until today, the designs of all spaces and service products are clearly required and answered in these six levels. So this is what I want to share with you. Where is the product thinking in Zhongchuang Space, do we do it blindly or purposefully?

At last, in the product thinking, I also have a little bit more specific point of view, since we are going to provide efficient services, we usually make some innovation and subversion on the original model of service. The second is to watch a specificrequest or a kindof demand, and you often find out that your service is not focused and miss the aim.

The third is to make hard things simple.You should remember to give him help instead of concept with the ability simplifying things, which takes courage and wisdom. It is necessarily toidentify this point of product and brand.

The fourth is that product is brand. Youpost writing and activities on Wechat every day or organize some activities offline for your own brand, I want to ask you what the brand is, how users canidentify the brand when we call our own youth community “Sample” that have nomeaning. We use a series of services to change the word “Sample” into state of life, and link the brand. The propaganda of it can play the role that productis brand.

The fifth is that efficiency produces value. I have heard that some people said I did not make money, and I am losingmoney. Real losing money is also your core competence, if you cannot afford tolose, you need to reduce your operating costs, and the last competition in anyindustry is price competition. So, when you focus on the Space, you also pay attention to the cost and price we operate.

Thelast I would like to share with you is as follows, firstly, the essence of Zhongchuang Space is space. Good space is the duty, good service is mutual affection, and good investment is fate trip. Good space is duty. It is very critical and hard work to do the most comfortable, the best price and the most satisfied space, and in fact, it is not easy job and has a lot of details tomake a good space. Good investment is fate trip. The logic of some spaces is not to make money, but to earn moneyby being invested. I want to tell you that you need to weigh your own pocket to see if it can last to get money and allow low probability of investment for success. How do you achieve higher investment efficiency, higher investment accuracy in early investment? It has no rule, you have to invest enough. Good service is mutual affection. Zhongchuang Space service takes users needs as the starting point, Operating cost of Zhongchuang space is not enough to support a high professional service team, but the platform can be open and outsourced to professional institutions.

Secondly, the service of Zhongchuang Spacetakes user's needs as starting point, and some Zhongchuang Spaces are outsourced to professional agencies. I agree that Zhongchuang Space does notneed to say how much it can do, certainly it cannot do much, because theoperating cost is not enough to support high professional service team, but wecan open up the platform. Please notice that long-term cooperation must bebased on business rule, which is also my practical experience.

Thirdly,do not copy oversea model, stand on ground and consider cultural differences. I have seen one incubator that has western style but it was lack of practical significance, I had sit inside for while and felt uncomfortable. At last, entrepreneurial activity should not be arrogant, Never do to others what you only would like them to do to you. A lot of entrepreneur incubator activities were because the bosses liked, the boss liked it. For example, watching a movie in the incubator gave entrepreneurs the bloody reality education and provided ubstantive significance, what are the things youreally care about? What arethe things you urgently need? Organization of our entrepreneurial activitiesnot only simply pursuit form and attract the eyes.

At last, transboundary is not to change runway, but to relay strength. I personally recommend being careful to change the runway, do not think you canrun faster than others, because others have run the same way for many years. It is better to combine with your own experience in the original industry,resource advantage with entrepreneurial activities, make force from borrowed force, and cooperate with professional space operation agencies.

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