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Interview to Cheng Fang, the President of Tiholding and the Dream Maker of Innowayon Apr. 18

Time:2016-04-18 15:55    Publisher:tiholding

First Season, VIP Interview

Give you an opportunity to learnclosely about

Cheng Fang,

President of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd.,

General Manager of Innoway, and

General Manager of Xiaoyang Youth Community

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“Do not deem entrepreneurshipas something with a slim chance of surviving. Entrepreneurship is just a growthexperience in your life. We should see failure of entrepreneurship from otherperspectives, with more inclusive and tolerate mindset.”– Cheng Fang

PresidentCheng Fang has been serviced in Tiholding Group, focusing on theresearch and practice of science and technology parks for a long term, with rich experience in science and technologypark development and operation, high tech industry research and businessattraction, science and technology policy research and park planning, as wellas start up incubation and investment. The team under his leadershipoperates more than ten parks, serves almost a hundred governments andenterprises, and accumulates extensive social resources and good reputation inscience and technology parks and science and technology service industry.

(Article Source: SuzhouXiaoyangYouth Community )