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Cheng Fang let the entrepreneur service communalization

Time:2015-07-01 16:46    Publisher:tiholding

What does startingup a business require? “During the startup process, the young people not onlyneed entrepreneur service but also have various demands on residence,facilities and social life. We want to provide the pioneering youthcomprehensive entrepreneur sites and service and bring them sounderentrepreneur service and experience.”ChengFang, the president of Tiholding andthe general manager of World Union Tiholding Technology Service Co. limitedsaid the above words when having the interview with the journalist from BeijingBusiness Today.


The herald oftechnology service industry

Cheng Fang, thepresident of Tiholding holdings limited, focuses on the research and practiceof technological park and has rich experience on development and operation oftechnological park, hi-tech industry research and investment, technology policyresearch and park planning as well as startup enterprise incubation andinvestment. The team he leads operates over ten parks, accumulates widespreadsocial resource and wins public praise on technological park and technologyservice industry and forges the crowd sourcing model industry investmentplatform of e-zhaoshang and China’s first hacker space concentration zone “Z-Innoway”.


First domesticentrepreneur complex will launch trial operation next month.

“Even if the world is so big, we shall let theworld remember our Xiaoyang.” Tiholding holdings limited together with Shenzhenworld union real estate consultant co. limited declared jointly to establishworld union tiholding technology service co. limited. The new company willdevote itself to serving the young entrepreneurs and forge the compoundentrepreneur community Xiaoyang community which focuses on startup office andgathers in integral whole of work, socializing, dwelling and recreation. Thejournalist has got to know that the Suzhou program will become the first trialoperation one next month.

“During thestartup process, the young people not only need the entrepreneur service butalso have demands on dwelling, facilities and social life. We hope that we cancreate a 24 hour entrepreneur circle for the young pioneers, meet their multi-requirementand bring them sounder startup service and experience.” Cheng Fang told thejournalist from Beijing Business Today, “A standard Xiaoyang community includesthe child productions of startup coffee, pioneers workshop, joint office, quickoffice, startup classroom, startup experience business and startup apartment

According tothe planning, the team of Xiaoyang community plans to set up 50 Xiaoyangcommunities in 18 cities in three years and these communities mainlyconcentrate on the most dynamic and excellent areas for economy startup. TheXiaoyang community will cover a total space area of two million square meters,serve one hundred thousand entrepreneurs. Besides, Xiaoyang community alsoincludes other service functions in addition to entrepreneur service and itwill cover three million young people.

“Nowadays the real estate industry has passedthe selling house times and needs to infuse more topics and more functions forhouse. Only when we can work at the house with great care, the house canpossess new values. That is the macro-environment where the Xiaoyang communitywas born. In the future, Xiaoyang community will transform the stock space andinfuse with new startup and service elements so as to give bigger valueelevation towards the conventional room space.” Cheng Fang said.

On this signingmeeting, World Union Tiholding signed program cooperation agreements with manypartners, including Xiamen information group of Xiamen software park Phase III,Suzhou Xiangcheng economic and technological development zone, Suzhou Changshustate university technological park, government of Jiangbei district inChongqing, Changchun Jingyue high-tech industry development zone, Hengshuimunicipal government. Xiaoyang community will first launch in Xiamen, Suzhou,Chongqing and Beijing. Besides, over ten programs are in cooperation andnegotiation in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Cheng Fangsaid, the Suzhou program covering twelve thousand square meters will launch itstrials operation next month. It can provide multi-type entrepreneur office roomfor entrepreneur teams of difference sizes and at different stages so as tomeet the whole life span office requirement of startup team and enterprise.Besides, the program will meet further the local youth multi-requirement oflife, socializing and recreation in addition to startup and work and form thevertical startup theme community.


Forge updatedversion Z-Innoway.

Journalist:what are the similarities and differences between Xiaoyang community andZ-Innoway?

Cheng Fang:Xiaoyang community shares the same gene with Z-Innoway and provides all typesof services for entrepreneurs. The thought of Xiaoyang community originatedfrom the first-hand experience when we operated Z-Innoway. Starting up businessis a tough thing and many entrepreneurs choose to live in the place where theyhave to spend several hours’ journey in order to save startup cost…….all ofthese make us feel that we can do something more for these entrepreneurs. Xiaoyangcommunity can be called the updated version of Z-Innoway, for it not only canmeet the requirements of office and socializing for the entrepreneur but alsocan solve the multi-demand of eating, living and purchasing for them. In thisway the entrepreneurs can put more energy onto their startup career.

Journalist:what are the major functions of Xiaoyang community?

Cheng Fang: thewhole structure of product function in Xiaoyang community is very clear and itincludes three functional rings. The first is the inner ring and includes fourdimensions of startup, industry, property and business; the second is themiddle ring and includes six dimensions of startup, study, work, residence,socializing and consumption and among them startup is the major function; thethird is the outer ring and has concrete products accordingly, like startupcoffee, jointly sharing office, professional incubator, project road show,technological product show, experiential business, science popularizationtraining, refined handicraft store, exercise and fitness and quick office, etc.Xiaoyang community is a set of complete whole chain service system and this isthe core competitiveness of Xiaoyang community.

Journalist:what kind of requirements does Xiaoyang community have towards the team settledhere?

Cheng Fang: thetechnology-type innovative and entrepreneur enterprises take up a majorproportion for the teams settled in Xiaoyang community. The community canprovide multi-form startup office space for startup teams of different scalesand at different stages. The space includes coordinated office space,standardized office space, customized office space so as to meet the whole lifespan office requirements of startup teams and enterprises.

Theentrepreneurs mainly target at the young ones (aging from 25 to 49). China hasreached the middle and late period of industrialization through high speeddevelopment. With the impact of information revolution, the biggest changebrought from the industry era to information era lies in the elevation of humanvalue in the process of production. Therefore, all the business modes in thefuture will all change and all rotate around human beings to constitute. Andthe most promising group in China is the young people. What we shall do is tohelp the young people to make startup simpler and make the life of young peoplemore colorful.

Journalist:what are the orientation and future development direction of Xiaoyangcommunity?

Cheng Fang:Xiaoyang community will construct comprehensive startup service ecologicalchain and include the functional platforms of startup project cultivation,startup new resource concentration, technological innovative show and startupinvestment acceleration so as to meet the multi-demand of young entrepreneur groupfor financing, training, demonstration and communication. Through setting upplatforms we can realize the coordinated effect of multi-type startup incubatoragencies. Here we may have not only Xiaoyang coffee, but also all kinds ofstartup service agencies like 3w coffee, Angel Crunch and AAMA. In the futurewe hope Xiaoyang community will turn into an entrepreneur platform pooling allkinds of startup elements.

(Source of this article: Beijing BusinessToday)