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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival of the 3rd Innoway was Officially Opened on June 12th.

Time:2016-06-12 11:46    Publisher:tiholding

More than 40 booths were arranged in the block with 220 meter. The incubator organizations exhibited the successful cases and a wealth of resources to the visitors. The third-party service providers provided the register and financial management consulting to the enterprises to the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs can speak on a subject with great familiarity in their own products and services...

On June 12th, it was the 2nd anniversary of opening in Innoway .The third innovation and entrepreneurship festival kicked off. The characteristic items were extraordinary splend our, which was created with a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship of Innoway.

Today, there were many leaders who attended the opening ceremony and the leaders of Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the relevant departments of Haidian District as follows: Zhang Zhihong, theDirector of Torch Center of Ministry of Science and Technology, Yan Aoshuang, the Director of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commissio, Guo Hong, the Director of The Management Committee of Zhongguancun, Liu Hui, the Committee Member of Beijing Scientific Association, Cui Shuqiang, the District Secretary of Haidian District, Yu Jun, the District Mayor of Haidian District, Zhou Yunfan, and Li Yan,the Deputy General Manager of the Zhongguancun Development Group. At the same time, some representativesof the well-known innovation and entrepreneur service agencies, investment institutions, colleges and universities, big enterprises and the news media and entrepreneurs came to the street to show congratulations on the 2-year birthday of the street.

During the speech, reviewed the development achievements of Innoway for 2 years, Yu Junqu noted thatInnoway has become an important symbol of the ecological circle of innovation and entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun, which is not only a physical platform, but is the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship to gather various forces. In the future, the Haidian District Government will further build Innoway and promote Haidian to become a better innovation ecosystem, which starts the national innovation and

entrepreneurial career from the street, going to China and the world.

Director Guo Hong also stressed in his speech that in two years, with Innoway as a symbol, the eco-innovation and entrepreneurship of Zhongguancun has entered into the stage of 3.0. At the same time, Innoway has become an important hub for entrepreneursto connect the global innovation network, being our engine and wind vane of new economic development. Director Guo suggested that the government and a varietyof innovation and entrepreneurship people, social organizations,entrepreneurship service agencies and the news media should work together tomake Innoway truly become a symbol place of technological innovation with the global influence, being a spiritual home for the makers.

Upon congratulating the second anniversary for Innoway, Director Yan Aoshuang highlighted that the

development of Innoway has alway sadhered to the "self-exploration", "self-management" and "self-development", which is the important concept for Zhongchuang Space with Innoway as an example. Meanwhile, Director Yan encouraged people to maintain a supportive attitude, peaceful mind and tolerant spirit, so as to continue to support the development of innovationand entrepreneurship.

Cited a speech made by General Secretary Xi at the national science and technology innovation conference, Director Zhang Zhihong encourages Innoway to make persistent efforts and seize the advantage of science and technology competition by concluding the achieveand continuous innovation according to the executor of national strategy andthe national great strategic demand. The ability of innovation service should be further improved to create more innovative ful fillment and promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, which makes the Innoway become the wind indicator of innovation and entrepreneurship in China and become the world-renowned shrine.

During the opening ceremony of Festival of innovation and entrepreneurship at the third Innoway, for promoting a cooperation agreement about scientific and technological cooperation, Innoway and the Sino-EU Regional Economic Cooperation signed an agreement of strategic cooperation framework with the Baoding New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone to drive the synergetic development of cause of innovation and entrepreneurship in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. The Innovation Exhibition Center of Innoway was officially opened to provide a number of services to the global entrepreneurs,entrepreneur service agencies and large enterprises platform. The creatingvisual record - video incubation experimental space was officially opened tofull integrate the accurate incubation and cultivation to the innovative projects by full integrating the industry resources. The prize-awarding ceremony for “seeking the new power of the street “was held to appraise and elect the registered organizations. The incubation service platform for the innovation and entrepreneurship of PharmaTech, Sino-American innovation and entrepreneurship Incubator, Yiren Rongchuang and South Korea Technical Risk Consortium stated their appearance...

Dong Jun, the President of Tiholding Co., Ltd Awarded Prizeto “Winning Institutions of New Power in the Street”.

The Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship lasted 4days. The activities were taken as follows: innovative market, exhibition for wisdom education innovation, the global science and technology investmentand financing competition and the special performance for entertainment in Jingsheng Global Innovation Award, Intelligent Hardware Festival and Street Institution. On June 14th, Innoway would will arrange the highlight -”A Plan for International Innovation Young Leaders“jointly issued by a number of organizations.

For the past two years, Innoway has opened a journey of the new landmark with the global innovation and entrepreneurship from 0-1, the local operation to the global development and the gathering area to an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. The number of registered agencies was increased from 11 to45 and there were 1,000 incubation entrepreneurial teams, including over 150 returnee teams and foreign teams. There were 483 teams having financing, with the total financed amount of CNY 3.388 billion.1,600 activities of innovation and entrepreneurship were organized, with 160,000 participants.

Since the opening, with the orientation of innovation and entrepreneurship, based on two core functionslike “Entrepreneurship Investmentand Financing+Entrepreneurship Exhibition” and five key functions like " Entrepreneurship Communication + Entrepreneurship ReceptionRoom+Professional Incubator + Entrepreneurship Training", Innoway introduced the facilitating agency of multielement innovation and entrepreneurship to build leader of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Among them, as the service platform for dynamic mobile innovation and entrepreneurship introduced by Innoway, entrepreneurship reception room created the way of "Government + Professional Services" through the government departments and more than 100 professional professional service organizations to offer 80 modules and more than 40 professional services to the enterprises of innovation and entrepreneurship such as business registration, incubation services , policy advisory, investment and financing docking, legal services and financial management, so as to create a fast, efficient, high-quality one-stop service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Since the beginning of operation in March 2015, there were 7,451 entrepreneurship advisories in the entrepreneurship reception room from line to off line, which has offered the professional services to over 2,000 companies. 586 pioneering enterprises conducted the business of enterprise establishment through the window.

On March 1st in this year, according to the offline operation experience of entrepreneurship reception room, Innoway tried to have trial operation on the online platform of entrepreneurship receptionroom, which has set up the business registration, incubation service, innovative MAX and service reservation. According to the needs of enterprises in innovation and entrepreneurship, the related module functions will be gradually developed such as the financial management, policies docking, investment and financing, humanresources, intellectual property and legal affairs. Currently, the online platform of entrepreneurship reception room has reached a strategic cooperation with many open platforms of large enterprisessuch as Tsinghua Tongfang, KPMG, Path finder, Cogobuy, Haier and Baidu, to serve the entrepreneurship enterprises in 2 creating works, incubation investment and resource sharing.

In two years, with the rapid growth of the outstanding entrepreneurial projects in Innoway incubation, there are a batch pacemakers insub-classification industry, which has become the new business card of the new innovation and development in Innoway. For example, through the Face++focusing on machine vision and artificial intelligence and the self-developed patented and technology, the face recognition, image recognition and the service platform for deep learning technical services have been created, which has rapidly grown into the industry leader. We have reached a cooperation with the led financing institutions such as Xiaomi Finance, bank of network businessman, China Citic Bank and Ping AnGroup. In May 2015, Round B financing of 47 million U.S dollars was completed, and the total value of assessment reached 2 billion U.S dollars. A number of high-quality enterprises, such as MNCHIP, Noitom and Funiutang, through their own core competitive advantages, have rapidly developed into the industry leaders.

At the same time, through guiding the global resource agglomeration and recombination, forming the strategic cooperation relations with the large transnational corporation and carrying out the cross-border incubation with other foreign facilitating agencies, Zhongguancun will be promoted to actively obtain and make use of the global resources of innovationand entrepreneurship, which can enhance the network potential in the global innovation. At present, Innoway has cooperated with more than 10 countries and 20 agencies such as the United States, Israel, Finland, France, Korea,Singapore, Sweden, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Australia and India, through the project exchange and joint incubation to build a normalization channel of the global innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation.

At present, Innoway fully cooperated with many institutions such as US 500 startup, BusinessFrance , CCIFC, KISED, D-CAMP, INKE, Australia Muru-D and Fuseport. It also established the strategic cooperation relations with Sino-EU Regional Economic Cooperation, KYUNGKI-DO KOREA Economic Innovation Center and Born 2 Global and KoreaTechnical Risk Financial Group.

Based on the exchange experiences of the global innovationand entrepreneurship, Innoway officially released "Plan for GlobalInnovation Youth Leaders". We cooperated with the world-renowned universities and institutions through the innovation and entrepreneurship,entrepreneurship training and the entrepreneurship second class, to build a platform on exploring, choosing and training the outstanding innovative youth, leading the global youth entrepreneurship and promoting the global cultural innovation and impact on ideas.

In addition, Innoway plans to build the world's open and innovation platform and bring together the world's resources, by establishingthe cooperation network in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship with the United States, Israel, Britain and Korea, which can connect the global business enterprises, large enterprises, research institutions and venture capital institutions. On the one hand, we can introduce the world-class talents, technology and capital. On the other hand, we can help the outstanding domestic projects go to the world, boosting the development of Innoway into the place of global innovation and entrepreneurship.

It was reported that the guiding units for the 3rd Innoway Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship were as follows: BeijingScientific and Technological Committee, Administration Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and Haidian District Government, which was sponsored by the Haidian Administration Committee of Zhongguancun Scienceand Technology Park and Innoway. (The end) .

From June 12th, 2014 to June 12th,2016, Innoway has developed into an ecosystem of the world-renowned international innovation and entrepreneurship from a accumulation area of the entrepreneur service. There are 160,000 people who participated in it, hatching1,000 entrepreneur teams. 483 projects were wonthe investment, with a total investment of CNY 3.3 billion. As the sponsor and builder, participator and witness, Tiholding feels proud and achievable. Meanwhile, I feel gratified as apromoter in the age of 2 creating works!

——Cheng Fang, the President of Tiholding Co., Ltd