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President Cheng Fang: Construction of innovation carrier shall be from parks to blocks and communities.

Time:2015-12-17 16:56    Publisher:tiholding

OnDecember 17, 2015, 2015 High-Level Forum on Innovation Method was officiallyopened in Beijing. This forum was hosted by Innovation Method Society andsponsored by Tsinghua Technology & Innovation HoldingsCo., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shiliankechuang Science and TechnologyService Co., Ltd.. The conference theme was “Methods for the 13thFive-year Innovative Development”. Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee ofInnovation Method Society and counselor of the State Council Liu Yanhua,the Director of China 21th Century Agenda Management Center Guo Risheng, ViceChairman of Innovation Method Society and academician of China Academy ofEngineering Wang Hao, Vice Chairman of Innovation Method Society and Chairmanof Pera Global Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Guoming, Deputy Director of ServiceIndustry Standards Department of Standardization Administration of the People’sRepublic of China Duan Lian and Deputy Director of Enterprise Innovation ServiceCenter of China Association for Science and Technology Guo Hao and othersattended the opening ceremony. A total of more than 400 people including leadersfrom Ministry of Science and Technology, China Association for Science andTechnology and Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of Chinaand other units, leaders from local Department of Science and Technology andexperts and scholars of related research institutes and universities andentrepreneurs attended the Forum. The opening ceremony was presided by theDeputy Director of China 21th Century Agenda Management Center and Secretary ofInnovation Method Society Zhou Yuan.

The winnerof Highest Science and Technology Awards Yuan Longping specially sent acongratulatory letter for this forum. The congratulatory letter said: Thevigorous promotion of research on the innovation methods and applications isthe long-term and strategic work, especially the current construction ofinnovation oriented country, encouraging mass entrepreneurship and innovationand cultivation of innovative talents need more support of innovation methods.

DirectorGuo Risheng was entrusted by Resource Allocation and Management Division ofMinistry of Science and Technology to deliver a speech on behalf of theDivision. He pointed out that the work on innovation method should regard thefurther reformation as the impetus, system research as the foundation, practicedemand as the orientation, and enterprise application as the focus to promotethe work on innovation method to make leap-forward development. The key tasksof the work on innovation method during “the 13th Five-year Plan”were: Strengthen top-level design of work on innovation method; promote theresearch on innovation method and the construction of application basecapacity; accelerate the cultivation of service industry related to theinnovation method; promote the integrated promotion and application upgrade ofinnovation methods in the enterprises; strengthen the research and integrationof innovation methods that adapt to the characteristics and requirements ofChinese enterprises; enhance the standardization and informationizationconstruction of innovation methods.

TheNational Standard Conference on Specification for “Application Level Ability ofInnovation Method” was held at the opening ceremony. This standard is the firstnational standard in the field of innovation methods.

ViceChairman of the Standing Committee of Innovation Method Society and counselorof the State Council Liu Yanhua gave an invited keynote report with the themeof “Innovative Promotion under the New Normal”. Academician Tan Jianrong ofZhejiang University, Vice-president Tan Runhua of Hebei University ofTechnology, Professor Jiang Zhibin of Shanghai Jiatong University, GeneralManager Luo Yongjian of Kocel Steel Foundry Co., Ltd. and Professor Feng Lin ofDalian University of Technology respectively made the wonderful speech with thetheme of “Innovation Design and Intelligent Manufacturing”, “New Progress inthe Research on Several Problems in C-TRIZ”, “Lean Hospitals ManagementInnovation Method”, “Application of Innovation Method and Multi MethodsIntegration Introduction” and “Cultivation of College Students’ Innovative andEntrepreneurial Ability”. The representative in the field of innovation andentrepreneurship and President of Tsinghua Technology & Innovation HoldingsCo., Ltd. Cheng Fang, partner of Angel Plus and founder of A+Labs Qiao Huijun,the famous entrepreneur and Director of Enterprise-level Government CooperationDepartment of Didi Taxi Qiu Weiping, cutting-edge entrepreneur, the founder ofMobvoi & CEO, former Google scientist, natural language processing and artificialintelligence expert and the main developer of the world mainstream open-sourcetranslation software Joshua Li Zhifei also gave wonderful speeches. Theycommunicated with the honored guests about the meaning and practicalapplication of innovation methods.

PresidentCheng Fang mentioned in his speech that the era of entrepreneurship andinnovation and makerspace have presented new characteristics. Their mission andorientation has changed. This small change of orientation also determineddifferent ways of construction. In the new era, we should further understandthe relationship between the space and innovation. The innovation method shouldregard “human” as the core and meet the diversified and compound demand fromentrepreneurs so that the perfect and effective entrepreneur service ecosystemcan be established actually to promote the development of innovation andentrepreneurship.

Inaddition, the sub-forum held on December 18 also included three themes of “RegionalPromotion of Innovation Method”, “Enterprise Application of Innovation Method”,and “Science Tools Lead Analysis and Test on Innovation”. Many experts,scholars and enterprise representatives from the field related to theinnovation method conducted in-depth exchanges on the establishment ofinnovation method application promotion system, promotion of regionalscientific and technological innovation ability, improvement of the level of enterpriseapplication innovation method, sample handling tools for food safety detectionand other topics.