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Shock the world with “new”– Global Entrepreneurship Meeting successfully concluded!

Time:2015-10-12 16:59    Publisher:tiholding

Global Startup Meeting jointly organized by ZhongguancunInnovation & Startup Season Organizing Committee and Tiholding was held onOctober 11, 2015 in Beijing. Zhang Hongzhi, director of Torch Center ofMinistry of Science and Technology, Yu Jun, CCP deputy secretary of HaidianDistrict, secretary of CCP leadership group and acting district mayor ofHaidianDidstrict, MengJingwei, CCP deputy secretary for standing committee ofHaidian People’s Government, vice district major attended the meeting.

As one of the key sections of Zhongguancun Innovation &Startup Season, the Global Startup Meeting was themed on “New”, which stood fornew era and new development. “New” also implied the influential personnelattracted to this meeting, new enterprises and new talents. The meeting alsospecially invited overseas startup representatives from the States, SouthKorea, Spain and other countries as event guests for lectures and dialoguesthemed on “startup and future”, “innovation and startup opportunities based onInternet” to create an innovation & startup communication meetingcharacteristic of youth, internationalization and sense of technology.

Brief and wise wording of Sun Chenyu, the host, stroke achord with present audiences, and the following lecture link was even morestriking. Qin Jun, chairman of Tiholding proposed her eight-character motto forstartup, namely “Be down to earth and have global views”, the simple eightwords was a concentration of wisdom and her rich startup experiences. It wouldbe important to establish one’s startup status and brief in advance andsuccesses would rely on careful observations of your startup path in a biggerpicture of innovation and startup while being determined with your choice.

Before present audiences came back to reality from ChairmanQin’s words, Mike Rothenberg, founder of Rothenberg Venture presented with hisenlightenments and insights into VR/AR field from a perspective of an investor.He said that investors should offer assistance to new startups and provide themwith maximized help when they were in need of resources. Virtual reality was anindustry Mike favored since it brought infinite possibilities and space andverified the sentence that innovation would change future.

After Mike’s wonderful interaction with audiences, TongZhilei, chairman of Chinese Online, shared his enriched startup experience andsummarized that startup modes of successful startups were actually quitesimple. At the same time, Tong also shared his understanding of successfulstartups: right path (strategies), right people (team), and right deeds(execution). Lastly, chairman Tong encouraged those willing to start up abusiness: dreams are a perpetual motion engine of life.

Allan Young, founder of Runway&Topline also discussedthe qualities for startup in an interesting and creative way: combination ofrabbit and tortoise, which meant persistence, modesty, speed and foresights.After his explanation of rabbit & tortoise spirit, the came up with threefunctions of startup economy: 1. Introduction of new ideas; 2. Take the firststep and select promising and hopeful ideas; 3. Expand those good ideas andhelp small enterprises grow. Allan Young also introduced the functions of anincubator and shared his opinions on search engine industry, which were reallythought provoking as present audiences and guests saw it.

Those four wonderful lectures were given by top domestic andoverseas talents in startup and new positive energy was released in aninteresting and creative way, pointing out the development direction for thosewilling to start up a business. However, sharing by renowned entrepreneurs wasnot enough and it was right time for a “cross-boundary and industry” dialoguebetween new entrepreneurs at home and cross the world. The meeting attractedoutstanding new entrepreneurs both at home and abroad: Chester JungseokRoh,founder of 5rock&tnc, Eneko Knorr, CEO of Ludei, Laurent Le Pen, Ceo ofOmate, and Li Meng, founder of Inmyshow, NavidNathoo, director of AlchemistAccelerator, Xu Zewei, founder of 91 Finance, and Zhang Yao, founder ofRoboterra.

Many outstanding entrepreneurs delivered wise andenlightening presentations surrounding the topic of “innovation & startupopportunities based on Internet” encouraged by Qin Jun’s humorous andintelligent guidance, which undoubtedly created more opportunities for Internetbased innovation and startups, and clarified future trends for this industry.The interaction in discussion link was even more ardent and enchanting. Whatbrought the meeting to its peak was when Chairman Qin introduced the topic thatwhy so many startups failed eventually? That topic was obviously interestingand thought provoking! The latter topic discussion brought the atmosphere toits summit! The viewpoints and opinions of guests as explained and guided by QinJun, stroke a chord among those new entrepreneurs and all audiences and guestscould not help but share their emotions. Latter the global startup meetingconcluded in a warm applause for time limitation, and audiences and guests werequite looking forward to the second session!

More than 20 national and municipal level media includingPeople’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Beijing TV reported this event.

The “Zhongguancun Innovation & Startup Season” wasjointly organized by Haidian People’s Government, Zhongguancun TechnologicalPark Zone Management Committee, and Beijing Technology and Science Committee.The event demonstrated outstanding achievements acquired in worldwideinnovation & startup field in the form of thematic lectures, special-topicdiscussions, worldwide roadshows, technology & science contests, exhibitionexperience and information release, which attracted quality global startupresources, lead future international innovation & startup developmenttrends and built Beijing into a technological innovation center with globalinfluences.