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"Love and trust" can be never betrayed –Tiholding’s 2014 annual commendation congress held successfully

Time:2015-02-15 17:21    Publisher:tiholding

OnFebruary 12th, Tiholding 2014 annual commendation congress wassuccessfully held in Xijiao Hotel, presented by Jun Qin, Chairman of Tiholding,Dong Jun, Co-Chairman of Tiholding, Cheng Fang, President of Tiholding, HuangYifeng, executive vice president, Liu Xiaofan, vice president, Li Dong, vicepresident and other executives and representatives of various departments andbranch offices of the group. They reviewed 2014 and look forward to 2015 together.Those outstanding staffs were rewarded. Qin Jun and Dong Jun respectively madetheme report. The commendation congress was chaired by Cheng Fang.

Onthe meeting, Tiholding Group executives issued "Tiholding star","Tiholding’s leading role", "Tiholding’s boat" and "Specialaward for President" on site.

Aswas said by Qin Jun, the extraordinary year 2014 witnessed Tiholding’s solidand strong pace for achievement and leapfrog development, followed fruitfulresults. At the same time, driven by common roles of national policy, venturecapital, mobile Internet and other good news, Tiholding adjusted the businesssection, and further defined the development direction in the future. In 2015,Tiholding will continue to make breakthrough, realize the development ofspecialization and occupation, and enable all Tiholding members to share theirgrowth and happiness.

DongJun said, in 2014, despite of difficult economic environment background,Tiholding made remarkable achievements, and more importantly, Tiholding learnedgrowth in adversity, to conduct constantly self-denial for continuousinnovation. It was hoped that that all the staffs can spend more diligent andfruitful year in 2015, with great fighting spirit, so that Tiholding can grow considerablyand better serve innovation.

ChengFang expressed his sincere thanks to all the cooperation from governments,agency leaders and friends in the past year, so that Tiholding has realized morestable and faster science and technology service industry development. Inaddition, he extended his appreciation to all entrepreneurial partners fortheir considerable effort for support. He wished them sound development infaster and better way in entrepreneurial innovation. Finally, he expressedsincere thanks and greetings to all colleagues.

Thereward winners are shown below:


HR Department -Wang Lina

Marketing &PublicRelations Department - Wang Wei

Tiholding Hengye- Han Shuai

Tiholding Xinye- Zhang Yuxin

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Yang Shuxin

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Song Xiumei

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Qian Hongquan

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Li Xinzheng

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Liu Luxin

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Miao Chao

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Han Yun

TiholdingTianjin - Nan Fujian

TiholdingTianjin - Yang Chunyan

TiholdingTianjin - Li Jinbin

Houde InnovationValley - Huang Jinjin

TaiyuanTiholding - Kong Zhongquan

TaiyuanTiholding - Yang Lu

TaiyuanTiholding - Lan Min

TaiyuanTiholding - Lin Benfei


Financial Department-- Xing Juan

HR Department -Liu Bingxin

Tiholding Hengye- He Zhen

Tiholding Hengye- Li Meng

Tiholding Zhiye– Shui Tengfei

Tiholding Zhiye- Shen Lu

Tiholding Zhiye- Wang Min

Tiholding Zhiye- Lu Ning

Tiholding Xinye- Wen Jin

Tiholding Xinye- Duan Xuwei

Tiholding Xinye- Zhang Xiang

Tiholding CapitalDivision- Yu Han

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Yin Wanlin

Tiholding(Qingdao) - Lu Zhenhua

Tiholding(Tianjin) - Yang Bing

Tiholding(Tianjin) - Zhang Hongying

Tiholding(Tianjin) - Wang Xiaomei

Tiholding(Tianjin) - Wei Shenghong

TaiyuanTiholding - Wei Siting

TaiyuanTiholding - Cai Bingzhi

TaiyuanTiholding - Han Fuling

JinjiangTiholding - Liu Ming

Haizhi Tiholding– Li Yakun

Haizhi Tiholding– Ma Guibin

Haizhi Tiholding– Li Xia


Tiholding(Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Tiholding(Jinjiang) Sci-Tech Park Management Company Limited

BeijingSiyuan Yichuang Science, Technology Service Co., Ltd. & Beijing Haizhi TiholdingTechnology Service Co. Ltd., & the Group’s Marketing & Public RelationsDepartment

"Specialaward for Chairman":

TiholdingXinye - Nie Lixia (accepted by Vice President Liu Xiaofan on behalf of NieLixia)

TiholdingCapital Division- Liu Wenjie

InQin Jun’s words, in 2015, love and trust can never be betrayed. In the bigfamily of Tiholding, all family members shall make common efforts and take thisship for long-term constant progress in the new wave of sailing. The hopeful 2015will absolutely witness the realization of our magnificent dream.

(Reporter:Li Xing, Market Department)