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Tiholding’s Lunar New Year celebration party for common joy

Time:2015-02-14 16:45    Publisher:tiholding

Others’ annualparty can always amaze us. On the evening of February 12th,Tiholding’s Lunar New Year celebration party was held in Xijiao Hotel crowdedby handsome gentlemen and eye-catching ladies on red carpet, outstanding programs,gift-award interaction activities, and leaders’ excellent speeches. You shouldnever miss this party over the gentle spring breeze and leaders’ enthusiasm. Tiholding’sLunar New Year celebration party will absolutely light you.

The bottom-up ofMadam Jun Qin as Chairman of Tiholding

(I)Flash readyfor red carpet show

Joint red carpetshow

Tiholding’s handsomegentlemen and beautiful lady of leadership can always amaze the employees.

Shoulder inshoulder, with Qin Jun in between,

Sweet smile

Hot Mom andhandsome boy ~

Too many scenes areall filled by beauty

So magnificent!

Multi-layer hamburger,with eye-catching lady in between

Many elegantladies

Big family

(II) Tiholding’syoung staffs are all promiscuous an energetic.


The opening ceremonyis much amazing! Which singer remains in your mind? (P.S. you can contact theeditor if you prefer someone, and I can be your bridge based on the leaders’approval; however, please consciously protect the young guy.)

"Tipark (Taiyuan)’s"Good start" performed by joyful ladies and eye-catching men.

"Tipark (Tianjin)’scomic dialogue "Debate". Tianjin is indeed famous for comic dialogue.(The amazing similar figure of the two performers)

Tiholding’s BusinessDevelopment Department, Strategic Purchasing Department and HR Department’sjoint performance "Dark fluorescence" is so professional. Where areyou?

The program "Iwanna business starting" sponsored by the group and performed by MarketingDepartment. Each of us should never give up dreams. However, how can you datewith Madam Qinjun with your strange clothes?

"Investors"performed by Tiholding’s Intelligence Industry Development DepartmentInvestment Service Division. We always prefer professional investment.

"Dwarfdance" performed by Tipark (Qingdao). Look at the ecstasy expression onthe right.

The immortal andtouching "Songs show" by Siyuan Extron and Angel Avenue Café,affectionate; We wanna keep amazing.

Sanjuban (a freetalk) from "Tipark (Taiyuan). Besides fairy, surprise may flow in theclouds.

"Entrepreneursstreet" from Haizhi Kechuang. Generous delivery of red envelope can keepyou happy and prosperous! Have a try! Be moderate, the gentleman, OK?

“How time flies”performed by "Tipark (Taiyuan). So refreshing.

"WingChun" from the group’s HR Department. The eye-catching classical ladies~

"No Zuo nodie" performed by Industrial planning division of Intelligence Industry PromotionDepartment of Tiholding.

“I am smartresearcher” shown by Entrepreneurship Research Division of Industry IncubationDepartment. The performers are all eloquent.

"Kind girl"shown by Houde Innovation Valley. The lucky guy is surrounded by beauty.

"Date withthe bright future", a poem recitation by the group’s Finance Department. Wecan guess the future, somebody or soothing secret?

"Gratefulness"shown by Planning and Design Department and Cost Control Department of TiholdingHengye Investment Limited; Look at the amazing dance.

"With youall the way", a song from the group’s Marketing Department

Creative songsby Tipark (Qingdao), to wish you joy in the year of goat

"Edelweiss",a solo from Tipark (Tianjin)

“Love hidden inthe hearts”, a song from Tipark (Taiyuan)

“Dream executor”, a song from Tipark (Jinjiang);the encouraging year of 2015 for Tiholding

(III) The climaxof the party, the gift rewarding activity

Gift rewardingactivity is the focus of the party. Any of the participants can enjoy thechance to win Ipad, iPhone 6 or cash prize. We extend special thanks to XishaoyeChinese hamburger’s and Randian wine’s strong support for this annual party. Whois the lucky dog winning the folding UAV aired suddenly?

Congratulationsfor new couples and new parent in Tiholding; hope for more new babies in 2015.

The surprisingleaders showing excellent singing; never miss the big surprise in the future,or, you will regret.

Are you awardedwith lady’s accompany, so you are happy, yeah?

Congratulations toall participants with good harvest of awards. Good luck to all of you in 2015!Best wishes. Good luck in Tiholding!


The party iscoming to an end, but our association will never end. The get-together tells usthatTiholding members will forever accompanyeach other to create happiness. It is the greatest happiness and luck to strivefor bright future together with like-minded friends. We should keep loyal to loveand trust, since only they can bring warmth and happiness. Annual celebration partywill always create such opportunity for get-together. Wish you good luck in SpringFestival holiday!