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Pooling Wisdom in Liangjiang: Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (Chongqing), a New Engine of Digital Economy in Chongqing, Launched Officially

Time:2019-06-18 15:48    Publisher:tiholding

On June 18, 2019, the launching ceremony of Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (Chongqing) (hereinafter referred to as the innovation center) built by Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, Alibaba Cloud and THTI, a member of Tsinghua Holdings, was held in Chongqing Liangjiang Digital Economy Industrial Park.

Wang Zhijie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Standing Deputy Director of Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area, Xie Jing, Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Liangjiang Industrial Group, Wang Bokun, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, Cheng Fang, President of THTI, ChenBin, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Southwest Headquarters, and several media outlets attended the ceremony.

Wang Zhijie, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Standing Deputy Director of Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area, delivering a speech

In his speech, Wang Zhijie pointed out that the Liangjiang New Area is the first national-level development and opening new area in China's inland areas, with good foundation and unique advantages. In recent years, the Liangjiang New Area has been in growth with a good momentum, as evidenced by advances in such competitive industries such as automobile and electronic information and the rise of emerging industries such as digital economy. As this year marks the 9th anniversary of its establishment, LiangjiangNew Area, by promoting innovation and entrepreneurship under the theme of pooling wisdom in Liangjiang, aims to attract more large-scale maker spaces and professional organizations to foster the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new area, to build Liangjiang into a hub of makers and innovators.

Cheng Fang, Presidentof THTI, making a speech

Chongqing is one of our priorities. Since 2015, six incubator projects have been rolled out in Chongqing.”, said Cheng Fang. He added that integration of Internet and real economy is the new development opportunity, and Chongqing represented a fertile soil for industrial development. Cheng Fangsaid that, over the four years spent in Chongqing, he noted the city’s focus on stimulating endogenous vitality, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship and strengthening talent supply, which led to a large presence of active young entrepreneurs in Chongqing. " In the past, incubators mainly served as a space for entrepreneurs to organize business and office activities. In the future, professional industrial incubators need to focus on the 5 key tasks of talent cultivation, industrial capital, technological empowerment, production factors and brand empowerment.", said Cheng Fang. Cheng Fang stressed that as it became increasingly difficult to start a business, professional industry incubators needed to focus on talent cultivation and whole industry chain.

Lei Aijing, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (Chongqing),

offering information on the innovation center

At the ceremony, Lei Aijing, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (Chongqing), introduced the general situation of the innovation center. With building a new functional platform and new powerful engine for Chongqing’s digital economy as its core positioning, the innovation center will prioritize vertical industry development, ecological cohesion and talent synergy as its three key functions.

Tang Guo, founder of Glacierxpress,

Long Liang, founder of Carloha,

and founder of Qulv Maker Space (Chongqing)

delivering a speech respectively

Chen Bin, GeneralManager of Alibaba Cloud Southwest Headquarters, giving an interview

Being asked about how to empower Chongqing’s enterprises in an interview, Chen Bin said that the innovation center would provide strong support in technology, facilities and resources as follows. First, as the largest cloud computing platform in China, Alibaba Cloud will take enterprises to a high technical starting point. Second, as one of the largest digital economies in the world, with its own infrastructure for e-commerce, logistics, finance and business communication, Alibaba serves as a good support platform for innovators and entrepreneurs. And with its mature industrial development featuring wide coverage, Alibaba will also bring some cooperation opportunities in sports, health and entertainment. Inaddition, the innovation center will carry out Alibaba Cloud University cooperation with some universities to help cultivate talents.

CloudX Program was also launched at the ceremony. The program includes a group of Alibaba Cloud eco-digital economic start-ups, a regional pan-developer eco-community, a series of international cooperation resources for digital economy, and a cloud intelligence institute serving the professionals in Chongqing’s digital economy industry.

It is reported that the innovation center now have 10 settled enterprises, and is planned to incubate more than 100 small and medium-sized digital economy enterprises in three years. Going forward, the innovation center will upgrade and empower regional scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship through the scientific and technological innovation resources of Tsinghua and Alibaba Cloud as well as vertical industrial incubation, focuson cloud, big data, IoT and AI, ecological formation and convergence, industrial talent cultivation, and collaborative platform development.