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Pilot Program’s Open Course on Entrepreneurship Successfully Held at TIPark Silicon Valley

Time:2018-09-29 15:36    Publisher:tiholding

On September 29, the Pilot Program’s Open Course on Entrepreneurship was Held Successfully at TIPark Silicon Valley.

Three mentors, Shao Xuhuiand Wang Jinlin, partners of Tsing-Yuan Capital, and Howie Xu, a successful serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, attended the event upon invitation to share their entrepreneurial experience and lessons with the Pilot Program participants.

Based on their personal experience, the mentors answered entrepreneurship-related questions raised by trainees, including how to determine whether one is suitable for entrepreneurship, whether it is time to resign and start a business, how to choose the direction of entrepreneurship, how to set up a core team, how to find venture capital, and what are the similarities and differences between Chinese and American start-ups. The event was held in a warm atmosphere, with all seats occupied.

It is reported that this sessionconsists of two open courses. The theme of this course is entrepreneurship. Under the theme of career development, the second open course will invitesenior executives and investors to give lectures and answer questions.

AboutPilot Program

The Pilot Program is jointly sponsored by THAA-NC and Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club (TEEC), with the aim to train young leaders and innovative talents in the Chinese-American community, build a bridge between young talents and their seniors, and help young professionals with career development, innovation and entrepreneurship.The Pilot Program has been implemented for four years, with related activitiesin San Francisco Bay Area, New York and Boston.

Source:TIPark Silicon Valley