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2019 Global Hackthon Super Howl Co-hosted by TIWay(Qingdao) Successfully Concluded

Time:2019-05-27 14:53    Publisher:tiholding

The 2019 Global Hackthon Super Howl hosted by TIWay (Qingdao), a THTI subsidiary, Jufeng S&T Venture Investment and Nokia Qingdao, was held on 24-26 May. Since the start of registration on May 10, GoHack 2019 has attracted more than 200 people from 40 excellent teams, among which 20 teams madeit to the competition.

Compared with previous ones, GoHack 2019 has the following highlights. First, another venue is set up in the building of Jufeng S&T Venture Investment in addition to the main venue of TIWay (Qingdao). Both venues are provided with more than 10 global technical instructors, including investors, technical experts and university scholars to join in a brainstorm discussion with the players.

Second, a pre-competition training is included in GoHack 2019, in response to the feedback from previous contestants that technician or college student players lack roadshow experience. Liu Huaguo, Director of Investment Division II, and Wang Yihui, Deputy Director of Investment Division I of Jufeng S&T Venture Investment, were invited as guest mentors to provide guidance for the participants on how to do a good project roadshow, avoid difficulties in the competition, and enlarge value of entrepreneurship projects.

Besides, this event doesn’t have a definite theme, or required techniques. It is more like the hack in "lifehack", an effort to fiddle around for more comfortable life. The business ideas of participants were translated into reality over just one weekend, with idea sharing, team formation and brainstorming on Friday night, all-day development on Saturday and preliminary matches on Sunday morning and the final match in the afternoon.

Participants in GoHack 2019 include young entrepreneurs from the Ocean University of China, Qingdao University and Qindao College of Qingdao University of Technology, coders from Nokia Qingdao, and out standing entrepreneurs from, among others, Beijing and Qingdao. From social networking to e-commerce, from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, from tool APP to hardware products, everything was covered.

During the event, various teams seized every minute incontinuous product planning and development, with a variety of inspirations, creativity and heated discussions. Through 54 hours of uninterrupted programming, each team experienced the joy, pain and pressure throughout the whole lifecycle for entrepreneurship from team formation, development, learning to project implementation. On May 26, seven teams, 1/3 of all the participating teams, made it to the finals where professional instructors asked questions and scored the works presented by contestants.

Mentors and judges participating this event upon invitation include Wang Xin, Chairperson of Nokia Innovation Committee•Qingdao, Senior Consultant Wang Zhi and Senior Consultant Yang Feng with Nokia Innovation Committee, Tang Shanjing and Yu Ting, technical experts for Nokia Qingdao, LiBao and Li Tongguang, product managers for Nokia Qingdao, Wu Ji, investment manager for Galileo Venture, Qu Yongcheng, international judge for FRC, LiuHuaguo, Deputy Director of Investment for Jufeng S&T Venture Investment andWang Yihui, Deputy Director of Investment Division I of Jufeng S&T VentureInvestment.

Many creative projects presented at this event enjoy good prospect of marketing as they are highly practical and can solve some"pain points" in work and life. After roadshows, scoring by jury, statistics and discussions, one first prize, one second prize and one third prize were selected.

Brief introduction of award-winning teams

The team that won the first prize is the Saturday Team from Nokia Qingdao. The team developed an open source toolset called EFK (ElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibana), which collects daily log and performance data of cloud servers, effectively prevent potential risks by using anomaly detection and prediction algorithm based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and provides counter measures to reduce enterprise losses and improve customer satisfaction. Voice interaction function is added to enhance customer experience.

The team that won the second prize is Bi Kaibin's team, with a graffiti picture book APP developed on the spot. The client app uses the carrier’s camera to recognize the image information of learning cards, and renders a 3D image on the screen. With voice and text introduction, it can be applied to exploratory disciplines such as biology, science, physics and chemistry. Featuring integrated entertainment and knowledge, this app allows children to learn happily through games.

The team that won the third prize is the Qindao College Innovation Team from Qindao College of Qingdao University of Technology. With increasing population aging, the number of left-behind elderly is increasing year by year. To solve this problem, the team designed a residential robot for senior care, which liberates human resources, protects the privacy of elderly, and provides special services for the elderly with different physical conditions. Relying on cloud services and big data, this multi-functional design pushes results to mobile clients or medical institutions. The robot will reduce the accident rate and improve the quality of life of the elderly, a relief for their children.

After the successful conclusion of the 2019 Global Hackthon Super Howl, TIWay (Qingdao), Jufeng S&T Venture Investment and Nokia Qingdao will continue to follow the development of award-winning projects and contribute to their fruition. We look forward to the participation of more technology professionals, students, enthusiasts and passionate entrepreneurial teams in the future!