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2018 TIPark China Trip Ended Perfectly-Join Us in November!

Time:2018-08-26 19:44    Publisher:tiholding

From August 16 to 26, 2018 TIPark China Trip was successfully held!

United States, Britain, Finland, Thailand and Spain

Founders from all over the world

Robotics, new material, energy conservation and environmental protection, biomedicine, smart city, software developing, blockchain, etc.

Startups covering all the emerging technologies

Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Wuhan

Deep exploration of 15+ innovation and entrepreneurship vehicles and overseas enterprises in 6 cities in China

Pitch to investors and local governments, policy explanation, experience sharing of overseas enterprises, industrial park tour, local culture experience

Comprehensive understanding of Chinese market, and deep connection with various resources

During this 11day China Trip, overseas startups have connected with nearly one hundred investors, government representatives and local enterprises. Multiple cooperation discussions have already started in the trip.

TIPark China Trip has been held for 3 consecutive years. This time, the trip is totally based on the needs of the startups and devoted to maximizing the the value of this activity for the founders.


In-depth interaction


Policy explanation

Bonus scene

Join us!

In November, 2018,

TIPark China Trip will be launched again to visit economically developed Yangtze River Delta Region.

Seats are limited!

Successful cases

Through TIPark China Trip

- An education startup found the investor and partner in China, and landed in China.

-A flexible film material startup has applied the talent rewarding policy after gained the recognition of the local government and planned to establish the factory for mass production.

- An intelligent agriculture startup successfully found the enterprise partner and co-established the company in China.