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The North American Project has scored tremendous achievements in the 7th Yangcheng Lake Maker Competition Final

Time:2018-07-09 16:45    Publisher:tiholding

On July 9th 2018, the high-profile 2018(7th) Yangcheng Lake Maker Competition Final was held in the conference center of Xiangcheng district.

This competition, with a theme of Industry-talent Integration, Idea Lake of Yangcheng, has received warm response from entrepreneurs since its launch in March; there have been 349 brilliant individuals and teams from more than 20 countries registered for the competition. Finally, the 15 projects stand out in the Beijing Selective trials, Selective Trials in North America and Online Selective Trials, and get the chance to Xiangcheng Final, 5 from Selective Trials in North America undertaken by THTI Silicon Incubator, 1 recommended by THTI Silicon Incubator for Online Selective Trials.

The judging panel was composed by seven distinguished guests who are experts from Thousand Talents Program, senior advisor and responsible person of venture investment institutions. After each round of project road show, they gave professional and sharp comments.

After a fierce rivalry and selection, 4 projects from North America has separately won one first prize, two second prize and one third prize respectively. The winner of the first prize is the continuous flow production of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals. The second prize went to The next generation blockchain global transfer agreement and the energy storage materials of flexible film and alkaline battery. And the third prize winner is The Ultra-low radiation NanoX-ray technology and its application in Medical Imaging.

The projects from North America have taken up nearly half of the winners list in the Final, a tremendous achievement. It is reported that the awarded projects will be eligible for direct admission to the field study link of Yangcheng Lake Leading Technology Talents Program, and be given prioritized recommendation for the “Thousand Talents Program”, the “Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Program” of Jiangsu Province, and the “Gusu Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leading Talents Program” of Suzhou. In addition, they will also enjoy more various projects and financial support. For registration for the Yangcheng Lake Maker Competition or more related information, please contact