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Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee and Director of United Front Department of Shanxi Province Xu Guangguo pays an inspection visit to TIPark (Taiyuan)

Time:2018-05-29 11:26    Publisher:tiholding

On the morning ofMay 29, 2018, a delegation headed by Xu Guangguo, Member of the StandingCommittee of CPC Shanxi Provincial Committee and Director of United FrontDepartment of Shanxi Province, in the company of THTI Chairman Dong Jun,inspected TIPark (Taiyuan).

Director XuGuangguo and his delegation first visited enterprises operating in theincubator of THTI MIE Space (Taiyuan) and held cordial talks with the heads ofrelevant companies. Chairman Dong Jun of THTI detailed to Director Xu theconstruction and operation of TIPark (Taiyuan), the regional position andcorporate mission of the base, and its support and services for enterprisesoperating in the base. Director Xu Guangguo commended TIPark’s achievements interms of construction, development and social influence.

Then, thedelegation visited Shanxi Tizones Technology Co., Ltd. (Tizones Technology),one of the enterprises operating in the park. Tizones Technology serves as apractitioner of big data application, an innovator of Internet + bigagriculture, an advocate of smart city and a leader of SME services. TizonesTechnology aims to become “a big data application expert for you” by collectingbig data, expanding new services, serving users at multiple levels andproviding targeted integrated industrial solutions.