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Guangzhou Creative Young Community actively explores the internationalized mode of innovation & entrepreneurship

Time:2018-01-08 09:26    Publisher:tiholding

In recent years, the thriving force of innovation in China is setting off a special "East Wind" globally. The Creative Young Communities under THTI are attaching increasing importance to docking domestic outstanding projects and attraction to excellent talents. Focusing on the overseas market, Guangzhou Creative Young Community is actively exploring the internationalized mode of innovation & entrepreneurship by taking advantage of the operation experience of Tianhe Talent Base.

To introduce more high-quality overseas projects into Guangzhou, Guangzhou Creative Young Community launched the “Global Watchtower” project in 2017. The operation team of Guangzhou Creative Young Community visited Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Las Vegas on the west coast of United States and cities such as Hong Kong and Seoul to promote policies, advertise the project and attract talents. Moreover, the “International Projects Visiting China –Tianhe Talent Base Excite Guangzhou 2017” brought European projects of artificial intelligence and information technology to Guangzhou.

On December 3, 2017, heads of projects from European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Italy, the United Kingdom and Portugal arrived at Guangzhou one after another. All these visiting projects were projects in IAB (Next Generation Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology). Some of them have already made profits in the European market, while others have just completed R&D of their products. However, they had a same purpose for this trip- seeking for Chinese partners and exploring the Chinese market.

In order to help overseas projects find suitable "partners" in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Creative Young Community contacted famous local institutions covering universities, markets, technologies, business services, investment and financing, and human resources, and well prepared a 7-day’s business visit.

During the 7-day’s trip, the heads of overseas projects, under the guidance by the operation team of Guangzhou Creative Young Community, visited 2 MIE Spaces: Worldunion Space and Tencent WeStart, and had an initial impression of startup atmosphere in Guangzhou. They participated in 2 meetings at Tianhe Talent Base and Bank of China Tianhe Branch for viewpoint exchanges on investment and financing policies, through which they knew more about investment and financing policies for overseas projects as well as issues regarding financing and related laws in Guangzhou for foreign enterprises. They also visited 4 investment and financing institutions: GDMV Industrial Park, Zhongke Lingyi Accelerator, GF Venture Capital, and Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Health Industrial CEEUSRO Incubator Base. Through in-depth exchanges with senior professionals in venture capital investment, all visiting overseas IAB projects were successfully docked with corresponding cooperative enterprises. Besides, they visited 4 Guangzhou-based IAB enterprises: Wondfo, Techpool, Yipinhong Pharmacy, and iFLYTEK, and communicated with relevant persons in charge on scientific research and project cooperation. In addition, they attended 2 in-depth meetings on investment and financing held by Guangzhou Creative Young Community, on which Ximantis "Traffic Management and Prediction Software Platform" project from the UK was successfully docked with Techcode, and Engenome Srl “Genome Big Data-based Cancer Prediction" project from Italy was successfully docked with Wellclinic and Jingxi Investment. Moreover, issues such as overseas project implementation were deeply discussed and analyzed on meetings and a window for overseas enterprises to settle in Guangzhou was opened.

On December 14, 2017, Guangzhou Creative Young Community together with overseas partners held a “Press Conference on Tianhe Talent Base International Strategic Cooperation" at Tianhe Talent Base. At the meeting, Mr. Zhan Yuchao, Co-founder of Creative Young Community, announced the international strategic cooperation program which aims to integrate human resources, capitals, technologies and enterprises. He also said that the Creative Young Community will work together with international organizations to provide services for the upgrading of strategic emerging industries.

Focusing on talent exchange and project docking, Guangzhou Creative Young Community, Sinan Compass Ltd. from UK and Mustang Lab from USA jointly stated that they will, by integrating innovation & entrepreneurship resources and exerting their respective platform advantages, help overseas projects understand the Chinese market, seek for Chinese partners, promote the docking of Chinese enterprises with overseas advanced technologies, and accelerate the introduction of high-level talents, thus driving a new round of transformation and upgrading of domestic enterprises and building a corridor for international scientific and technological innovation.

During the “International Projects Visiting China” activities, Engenome Srl "Genome Big Data-based Analysis for Precise Cancer Prediction" project from Italy, HydrUStent “Biodegradable Ureteral Stent” project from Portugal, Ximantis “Traffic Management and Prediction Software Platform + APP” project from Sweden and Greece, and SIMEDiagnostics “AI Algorithm Aided Analysis Real-time Infrared Detection Platform” project from UK and Denmark were successfully docked with corresponding cooperative enterprises. It is expected that the four projects will gradually settle down in Guangzhou next year.

In the future, Guangzhou Creative Young Community will commit itself to promoting industry transformation and upgrading and enhancing enterprises’ capability of independent innovation, thus becoming an important bridge for serving the development of science, technology and economy. Mr. Zhan Yuchao said, "we are actively participating in the transformation by seeking for excellent overseas teams and talents with innovation capabilities, serving enterprises in South China and even the whole country, and helping the innovation and upgrading of industries."

(Source: Guangzhou Creative Young Community)