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THTI's Seven Spaces Listed into Second Batch of Star Gathering Spaces of Tsinghua Industry

Time:2017-10-26 09:29    Publisher:tiholding

On October 26, 2017, the awarding ceremony for the second batch of Star Gathering Spaces under the Star Gathering Program of Tsinghua Industry was held at Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., and the seminar of the Star Gathering Program was held concurrently. Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings and Head of the leading group of Star Gathering Program attended the ceremony as the award presenter. THTI's seven spaces were awarded, including TIPark (Qingdao), TIPark (Jinjiang), TIPark (Chengdu), Shenzhen Creative Young Community (Dayun), Nanyang IESTREET, Shenzhen MET VALLEY IES and Shanghai Jiading IES.

Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, presented awards for selected "Star Gathering Spaces" of THTI.

Zhao Yan, Vice President of Tsinghua Holdings and Head of the working group of the Star Gathering Program, delivered a speech and chaired the discussion. Pang Yaning, Director of the Innovation Incubation Department of Tsinghua Holdings, reported the work progress of the Star Gathering Program in 2017. Cheng Fang, President of THTI, together with the responsible persons of 27 Star Gathering Spaces, attended the event to receive the honorary certificate and plaque for Star Gathering Spaces and had a lively discussion on the future development of the Star Gathering Program.

Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, delivered a speech.

According to Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, the Star Gathering Program, launched on June 26, 2016, plans to cultivate more than 500 Star Enterprises with over 100 million assets in innovation and entrepreneurship services and to build and link 1,000 incubators and maker spaces in over 100 cities and regions nationwide within five years through harmonious interaction among the five systems of "Space, Capital, Talent, Globalization and Collaboration" by utilizing 1,000 spaces, 10 billion funds and globalized channels. Since its launch, the Star Gathering Program has linked a large number of internal and external resources for entrepreneurship, but all that is just for laying a solid foundation. It is expected to yield positive results in the next five years and cultivate a large number of new-type venture enterprises. The core purpose of the program is to integrate the advantages of Tsinghua Industry to make breakthroughs and improvements in overall service capability on the basis of their respective conditions and measures. In the next step, it plans to build a digital integrative system based on big data and cloud platform technology through advanced means, so as to achieve a strong link between each entrepreneurial space and the master platform and to continuously improve the overall innovation capability and allow comprehensive advantages to play their roles.

Group photo of attendees

(Source: Tsinghua Industry)