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"Revolutionary Tradition" Binding to "Cultural Innovtion"--A Strategic Cooperation Agreement is Made between Longyan Municipal People's Government and THTI

Time:2017-11-08 09:12    Publisher:tiholding

Onthe afternon of November 8, the Entrepreneurship,Innovation and Venture Capital Investment Forum was held by Longyan MunicipalPeople's Government of Fujian Province, under the guidance of the OrganizationDepartment of the CPC Longyan Municipal Committee and the organization ofLongyan Municipal Talent Development Group Co., Ltd. and Longyan MunicipalFinance Office. This forum is also one of the supporting activities of the 8thCross-Strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 10th China Longyan InvestmentProject Investment and Trade Fair. Wei Dong, a member of Standing Committeeof the CPC Longyan Municipal Committee and Director of the OrganizationDepartment of the CPC Longyan Municipal Committee, attended the forum anddelivered a speech. The attendees also included Xie Haibo, Vice Mayor of LongyanMunicipal People's Government, Lai Zhaoyuan and Zhang Ziping, Vice Chairman of LongyanMunicipal Committee of CPPCC, Miao Yingwei, Senior Vice President of THTI, and XiaoNan, General Manager of Business Development Department of THTI. At the forum,Longyan Municipal People's Government and THTI formally signed the strategiccooperation framework agreement. Both parties will establish a profound andcomprehensive partnership and work closely together to speed up the formationof a favourable pattern in which enterprises and local governments are subjectto deep integration in innovation and development.

Miao Yingwei (Left), Senior Vice President of THTI, and Xie Haibo (Right),Vice Mayor of Longyan Municipal People's Government, signed the agreement on behalfof both parties

Accordingto the Agreement, THTI and Longyan Municipal People's Government will establishcooperation in various aspects. THTI will help Longyan Municipal People'sGovernment attract talents and investment, establish talent echelons, enhance thelocal innovation capacity, promote industrial upgrading, improve and upgradethe innovation and industrialization in the local high-tech industries by relyingon its rich experience in innovation andentrepreneurship, widespread incubation carriers and advantages inindustry-university-research cooperation. Moreover, the both parties will make fulluse of their own resources to cooperate in leading industries and industrysegments and will precisely and efficiently master the enterprise projectinformation that is in line with the local leading industries according to thedevelopment plan and strategic positioning of Longyan City, so as to promotethe development and upgrade of the local leading industries. In addition, the bothparties plan to cooperate more intensively in the construction of trans-regionalincubators and innovation and entrepreneurship bases after the cooperation mechanismis matured,.

Atheme salon was held, where Miao Yingwei, Senior Vice President of THTI, as a guestspeaker, together with the attendees, discuss and share their opinions on the topics such asthree strategies (advancing Longyan by innovation, prospering Longyan by industriesand strengthening Longyan by talents) that will be fully implemented by the CPCLongyan Municipal Committee and Longyan Municipal People's Government, how todetermine the strategic deployment of three major campaigns (projectimplementation, poverty alleviation and eco-environmental protection) and howto promote rapid development of industries in Longyan.

OnNovember 9, Miao Yingwei, Senior Vice President of THTI, and Xiao Nan, GeneralManager of Business Development Department of THTI, also visited the originalsite of Gutian Conference and Longyan Executive Leadership Academy. GutianConference, held in Longyan City, marks a milestone for the founding of the CommunistParty and the Armed Forces of China. Gutian Conference reflects the CPC'sinnovation in theories and practices and is a precious spiritual asset for the futuregenerations just as Jinggang Mountains, Long March, Yan'an and Xibaipo. Thesite of Gutian Conference also enables the descendants to know that specialperiod and learn the connotation of the spirit of Gutian Conference. The visithas a very important realistic and instructive significance for learning thehistory of the Red Party, knowing more about the profound historical culture ofLongyan City, integrating the spirit of the old revolutionary base area into practicesand promoting the development according to the local conditions.

LongyanCity is a nationally famous old revolutionary base area with a long history,rich culture and a good industrial foundation. THTI is a pioneer in scientificand technological innovation in China, with abundant resources and richexperience, and has established benchmarking "innovation incubationcarriers" of different forms and modes, including parks, blocks andcommunities. This strategic cooperation, as a combination of"revolutionary spirit" and "innovation culture", will beconducive to complementing each other's strengths and jointly realizingdevelopment and will provide new opportunities and great support for the innovationupgrading, transformation and leap-frog development of Longyan City which is readyfor transformation and leap-frog development.