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National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Jingdezhen's leaders visit THTI

Time:2017-07-07 16:14    Publisher:tiholding

On July 7, 2017, LiaoYundong, Secretary of the Party Work Committee of National High-tech IndustrialDevelopment Zone in Jingdezhen (JNHIDZ); Ren Xianghua, Vice Chairman of theAdministrative Committee of JNHIDZ; Li Ningbo, Director of the Office of Partyand Government Affairs, JNHIDZ and Zhang Lingbo, Chairman of ElephantInvestment Group visited Tsinghua Technology & Innovation Holdings Co.,Ltd. (THTI). Executive Vice President Huang Yifeng, Senior Vice President ShiYongxiang, President Assistant Sun Shixing and other executives of THTIreceived the delegation.

The delegation firstvisited Zhongguancun Inno Way, inquiring about the operation model ofinnovation service agencies in the way and the service model of Innohall. Overthe past three years since the establishment of the way, its innovation andentrepreneurship trend has become increasingly sound and mature. JNHIDZ shouldlearn the way's mature innovation service model, to enhance its innovationatmosphere and vitality, said Liao.

Then Liao visited THTI. Inthe talks, he first introduced the overall investment environment and generaleconomic situation of Jingdezhen, as well as the industrial development plan ofJNHIDZ. Following a business debriefing of THTI, the two sides exchanged ideason how to promote regional industrial development. As a member of TsinghuaHoldings, THTI is an industrial innovative platform of Tsinghua. THTI's sciencepark focuses on building industrial parks characteristic of Tsinghua, and willintroduce characteristic industries according to local resources and Tsinghua'sindustrial layout. THTI will give full play to its innovation service capacity,and build a model innovation service enterprise through its rich experience inpark operation and capability of innovation service. THTI attaches greatimportance to working with local government to promote the transformation andupgrading of local industries and the development of the regional economy.

Liao said he was impressedby THTI, expecting that THTI will integrate its rich experience in parkoperation and Tsinghua's rich industrial resources with Jingdezhen's industrialand environmental advantage, and deepen cooperation with Jingdezhen, thusachieving win-win.