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Zhang Xiang'an, Secretary of the CPC Chuzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Chuzhou visits TIPark Tianjin

Time:2017-08-06 15:53    Publisher:tiholding

On August 6, 2017, adelegation led by Zhang Xiang'an, Secretary of the CPC Chuzhou MunicipalCommittee and Mayor of Chuzhou visited TIPark Tianjin under Tsinghua Technology &Innovation Holdings Co., Ltd. (THTI). Executive Vice President Huang Yifeng andSenior Vice President Shi Yongxiang of THTI; Zhu Ye, Executive Deputy GeneralManager of THTI (Tianjin) Industry Co., Ltd. and Yang Bing, General Manager of THTI(Tianjin) Technology Park Management Co., Ltd. received the visitors.

The delegation first visitedthe showroom of TIPark Tianjin. Zhu briefed the delegation on park planning andconstruction, as well as the park's operation model, technology service systemand results in technology achievement transformation which the delegation wasconcerned about, and introduced the park's innovation platforms: nationalincubator-TIPark Tianjin Incubator and national maker space-Hivepe Tianjin, aswell as the situation of the Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment,Tsinghua University (Tsinghua TRIAE) and the Innovative R&D Center of theInstitute for Electronics and Information Technology in Tianjin, TsinghuaUniversity which have settled in the park.

Then the delegation headedto Tsinghua TRIAE. The leaders visited the showroom of TRIAE, listened to areport, inquired about the latest innovation achievements in fields such asrobotics and automation equipment, additive manufacturing (3D printing) andlaser processing, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and integratedcircuit manufacturing equipment, as well as planning and construction,organizational structure, research finding industrialization and talentintroduction. Through the establishment of Tsinghua TRIAE, with focuses onsophisticated technologies, TIPark Tianjin has promoted the upgrading of theregional industrial structure and the rapid development of Tianjin HuamingHigh-tech Industrial Zone. The delegation spoke highly of the park's efforts inthe achievement transformation and settlement of the school and departmentprojects of Tsinghua University in Tianjin.

At last, the delegationvisited Hivepe Tianjin in Building 3, TIPark Tianjin, inquiring about itsoperation and practice of serving small and medium technology enterprises,start-up teams and start-ups. Then the two sides held talks on strengtheningcooperation and other issues.

Jin Li, Member of theStanding Committee of the CPC Chuzhou Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of theChuzhou Municipal People's Government; Yang Dongpo, Vice Mayor of the ChuzhouMunicipal People's Government; Wu Xiaoshui, Director-General of the ChuzhouInvestment Promotion Bureau; Zheng Guosheng, Chief Engineer of the ChuzhouMunicipal Commission of Urban-Rural Planning and Construction; Yao Zhi,Secretary of the CPC Committee of Nanqiao District, Chuzhou; Liu Yangbing,Executive Vice Chairman of the Administrative Committee of Chuzhou HigherEducation Science Innovation Town (CHESIT); Zhang Feng, Director of the Officeand Science & Education Department of CHESIT; Ma Zhengquan, Vice Chairmanof the Committee of the People's Congress of Nanqiao District, Chuzhou and ZhuJiansheng, Deputy Director-General of the Nanqiao Investment Promotion Bureauaccompanied Zhang Xiang'an for the visit.