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THTI President Cheng Fang Elected as Member of APEC China Business Council Young Entrepreneurs Committee

Time:2018-11-10 13:47    Publisher:tiholding

On the afternoon of November 9, the 1st Plenary Session of APEC China Business Council Young Entrepreneurs Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the committee”) for 2018 was held in Beijing. At the conference, THTI President Cheng Fang together with other 5 entrepreneurs was elected as a member of the committee.

Mr. Cheng said that he was greatly honored to join the committee. Being committed to innovation and entrepreneurship services, THTI has established and operated 46 science and technology parks and incubators in 26 cities nationwide, and serviced tens of for thousands of technology-based venture enterprises. In the meantime, THTI has been in close cooperation with Tsinghua University and its industry to contribute to the cultivation of college students and the industrialization of colleges’ achievements, thus promoting industry upgrading. Going forward, THTI hopes to leverage its resources and business network to serve the committee and its member enterprises, and is looking forward to close cooperation with them.

Sponsored by APEC China Business Council, APEC China Business Council Young Entrepreneurs Committee was officially founded this July .. The committee gathers the most influential young business leaders in China to cultivate future Chinese business leaders with international perspective. At present, it has nearly 40 member enterprises covering such industries as artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, digital economy, finance and investment, and enterprise services. Among those members, new economy enterprises are worth over CNY 400 billion, real economy enterprises reach annual sales of over CNY 400 billion, and financial and investment enterprises achieves management funds of over CNY 100 billion.