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THTI Ranks among Top 30 City-Industry Integration Operators in 2018

Time:2018-07-06 17:35    Publisher:tiholding

City-industry integration is an important force to promote social industrial structure transformation and upgrading as well as new urbanism development. Hence, by focusing on data and credibility and relying on its big data platform, CRIC carries out market monitoring over the cities where operators of industrial parks are settled and completes this ranking list.

THTI is a sci-tech park construction operator and technical service provider that is mainly engaged in sci-tech innovation services; its core team has more than ten years of experience in construction and operation of and innovation and entrepreneurship services for sci-tech parks. Based on industrial accumulation and industrial resource advantage of Tsinghua, THTI continuously blazes new trails in a pioneering spirit. It has developed a diversified carrier system with different forms, which is composed of sci-tech parks, blocks and communities, created many famous innovation and entrepreneurship brands such as TIPark, Creative Young Community and Zhongguancun Inno Way, and established 15 state-level innovation carriers. In summary, the company has accumulated lots of resources and experiences in industrial park operation, and plays an important role in promoting regional industry restructuring and industry aggregation.