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THTI President Cheng Fang is elected as a vice chairman of the 3rd Committee of the Beijing Tongzhou Youth Federation

Time:2018-05-29 11:16    Publisher:tiholding

On May 29, 2018, the1st Plenary Session of the 3rd Committee of the TongzhouDistrict Youth Federation was successfully held at the Beijing SunshineInternational Conference Center. This meeting gathered members of the 3rdcommittee from all sectors and ethnic groups; Guo Wenjie, deputy secretary ofthe Communist Youth League of Beijing and president of Beijing YouthFederation, Wei Jiang, member of the standing committee of Tongzhou DistrictCommittee and director of the Organization Department of Tongzhou DistrictCommittee, Shang Zuguo, deputy director of Tongzhou District People’s Congressand chairman of Huairou Federation of Trade Unions, Ji Zhihui, executive vicechairman of Tongzhou CPPCC, and other leaders attended the conference.

The meeting electedthe new chairperson, vice chairperson and members of the standing committee ofTongzhou Youth Federation, and deliberated and adopted the Resolution of the 1stPlenary Session of the 3rd Committee of Beijing Tongzhou YouthFederation on Work Report and the Organization Guidelines for Beijing Tongzhou YouthFederation (Draft Amendment). THTI President Cheng Fang was elected as a vicechairman of Beijing Tongzhou Youth Federation.

Cheng Fang hasdedicated himself to the field of innovation and entrepreneurship services forten years, and enjoys abundant experience on the development and operation ofscience and technology parks, research and investment of high-tech industry,science and technology policy research, park planning, start-up incubation andinvestment. As a young businessman, he has been focusing on business andself-development, and committed to scientific and technological innovation,contributing to economic development and social progress. He also embracessharing, gaining a positive influence among young entrepreneurs. “The new committeeof Tongzhou Youth Federation is made up of a lot of talents. Thanks to theorganization of the Communist Youth League of Tongzhou District, talented youngrepresentatives from all sectors come together to joint this event,” said ChengFang, “The historical opportunity of ‘sub-center’ construction gives thisgeneration of youth a heavy responsibility. After years of hard work, themembers of the 3rd Committee of Tongzhou Youth Federation havescored achievements in their respective fields. I hope that all the memberscould make greater contributions to the construction of the ‘sub-center’”.

It is learned thatthis conference is made up of 7 sectors, including the sector of publicadministration and youth work, the sector of economy and finance, the sector ofscience, technology, education and agriculture, the sector of culture, sportand media, the sector of medicine and health, the sector of army and judiciary,and the sector of political parties, democratic party, religion, overseasChinese and special guests from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region. Thesector configuration fully reflects the significant change in the internalstructure of the youth patriotic united front of thesub-center under new circumstances. The sectors held panel discussions to offeradvice and suggestions on the construction of Tongzhou District.

The new era endowsyouth with a heavy responsibility, and the construction of the sub-centerraises high expectations for youth in Tongzhou. As a member of Tongzhou Youth Federation,Cheng Fang will assume the heavy responsibility in a proactive manner, staytrue to his original aspiration, follow the guidance of the Communist Party,and continuously contribute his due part to the construction of Beijing’s urbansub-center with the aid of scientific and technological innovation!