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THTI’s Chairman Dong Jun Attends “Yangcheng-Silicon Valley Night” and 2018 (the 7th) Yangchenghu Maker Competition Ends Selection in North America!

Time:2018-05-05 18:23    Publisher:tiholding

On May 5 (local time), Xiangcheng District of Suzhou Province held science and financial investment attraction event “Yangcheng-Silicon Valley Night” in San Francisco. Dong Jun, the Chairman of the Board of THTI, was invited to this event as an A-lister.

In the event, Gu Haidong, the Secretary of Xiangcheng District CPC Committee, introduced specially Yangcheng International Research and Development Community from perspectives of its location, orientation and characteristics. Yang Yihang, the Commercial Counselor of Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, attended the event and delivered a speech.

The attendees also included Jean Marc Bovet, the CTO of CF PharmTech, Inc., PhD in chemistry of University of Michigan, and a foreign expert under the Thousand Talents Program, Michael Yoo, the CEO of American Branch of Shenzhen O-film Tech, Huang Yu, the chief scientist of Singulato American Research and Innovation Center and the CEO of American Branch of Singulato, and Xu Hua, a lifetime professor and the Director of Biomedical Computing Center of University of Texas. They shared their thoughts about why they chose and invested in Xiangcheng.

In addition, the event covered the official opening ceremony of the Silicon Valley Business Center of Suzhou Etron Technologies Co., Ltd which is headquartered in Xiangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the awarding ceremony of Yangchenghu Maker Competition North American Division, as well as the consultant hiring ceremony of Suzhou Yangchenghu-American TIcenter. This will greatly contribute to the international development of Xiangcheng.

Yangchenghu Maker Competition North American Division, as an important brand activity for Xiangcheng to attract talents, aims to introduce outstanding talents all around the world for Xiangcheng District and boost the settlement and development of high-quality projects. The former six Yangchenghu Maker Competitions have totally attracted more than 1700 excellent talents from over 30 countries. Up to now, 32 talents have already settled in Xiangcheng to start a business, and 19 ones have been selected into sci-tech leader programs at different levels.

2018 (the 7th) Yangchenghu Maker Competition North America Division was sponsored by the CPC Committee and People’s Government of Xiangcheng District, and supported by TIPark (Silicon Valley). Since its start on March 5, it has attracted attention of high-level talents in North America. A total of 82 projects were involved in this competition. After the project appraisal of the expert team, 12 projects that involve new-generation electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and biological medicine stood out for on-site competition. The competition came to a successful conclusion, and eight candidates were awarded in the investment attraction event. They will visit Xiangcheng in July to compete in the semi-final round for the promotion to the final round and CNY 300,000.

2018 (the 7th) Yangchenghu Maker Competition North America Division

List of Winners

The first prize

- OxiScience: Odor Control through Polymer Coating

The second prize

- LiTell: Indoor GPS

- FlexCap Energy: Flexible and Customizable Energy Storage Solution

- SWFT Blockchain: Global Transfer Agreement of Next-generation Blockchain

The third prize

- Catalia Health: Interactive Robot for Curing of Patients with Chronic Diseases

- Oakridge Networks: SD-XAN Framework for Companies to Build Third Platform of Computing Ecosystem.

- Cloudastructure: Solution to Access Control System of Companies

- Continuous Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)