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The First IES within the Three Northeast Provinces of China -- Shenyang • China Ivalley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Street

Time:2018-04-26 16:16    Publisher:tiholding

With all the high-quality resources of Tsinghua and Zhongguancun, science and technology strength of Shenyang and Hunnan, enterprises in a row, entrepreneurs in neighbourhood and strong investors by your side, what would such a place look like?

On April 26, the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Clustering Zone" - " Shenyang • China Ivalley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Street " in Shenyang Olympic Sports District, jointly established by the government of Hunnan District of Shenyang City and THTI Holdings Beijing IES Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "IES Investment"), was officially opened. It is the first IES within the three northeast provinces of China.

Liu Yulan, Chairman of China Productivity Promotion Center Association, Wang Xuelai, Deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of Liaoning Province, Wang Yibing, Party Secretary of Hunnan District Committee of Shenyang City, Cheng Fang, President of THTI Holdings and Chairman of IES, Miao Yingwei, Senior Vice President of THTI Holdings and IES Managing Director, and many other government leaders attended the ceremony. This “IE Rainforest” that brings together policies, services, universities, institutions, investment, talents and enterprises was officially announced to take root in Hunnan of Shenyang.

The THTI Holdings comes for its dream by virtue of the first cooperation between Beijing and Shenyang.

"Neighborhood Culture" and "Rainforest Ecology"

"Shenyang • China IValley IES", a key cooperation project between Beijing and Shenyang, is the first urban block characteristic of innovation and entrepreneurship in Northeast China.

The “Block” covers an area of tens of thousands of square meters and provides services from visible cafes, supermarkets, gymnasiums and basketball courts to invisible sharing technology innovation platforms, as well as full-industry IE services chain from conception to investment and financing. "Shenyang • China IValley IES" is committed to building a sound entrepreneurship service ecosystem.

Currently, the Block is able to provide entrepreneurs with eight major services, including shared office services, technology innovation platforms, big data services, entrepreneurship training, talent services, media services, one-stop administrative services, etc. Up to now, nearly 30 entrepreneurship projects including the Boeing 737 Cockpit, the Anti-lost IRIS Network Platform for Chinese Kids, Qifengle, Ctoutiao and other projects have settled in.

Here, high-tech enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors who settled in can communicate, share, and collide, and are even encouraged to become customers and service providers to each other; a unique “neighborhood culture” is formed strengthening the connection between all innovation elements.

For such a block, Cheng Fang, president of THTI Holdings and Chairman of IES, said in his speech that the IE ecology should be a “rainforest” rather than a “garden”. “We don't want artificial hills and plastic plants. Instead, our service is to make efforts to let all entered people and enterprises find their own sense of presence, and let them link, catalyze and germinate in communication and collision, and finally form a vibrant space for innovation and entrepreneurship. We hope entrepreneurs not to stay in parallel worlds but to be connected with the world through the IES high-quality resources."

"Soil" of Hunnan and "Seeds" of Tsinghua and Zhongguancun

As a Tsinghua Industrial Science and Technology Innovation Platform, a Tsinghua Holdings Strategic Function Platform and a member of Tsinghua Holdings, THTI Holdings is deeply involved in the IE field and has accumulated profound experience. Now, THTI Holdings has deployed over 50 projects in more than 20 cities around the world relying on Tsinghua's industrial resources, and has established a complete technological innovation incubation network. IES Investment is a professional management company particularly established by Tsinghua Holdings for the IES business section. Nowadays over 10 IES blocks have been successfully built in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xiong'an New District, Qingdao, etc.

This time, IES Investment has chosen Hunnan because of the great scientific and technological soil here. Hunnan has 4 hundred-billion-level industrial clusters covering e-commerce, civil aviation, health care and biomedicine, robotics and information technology, as well as more than 10 colleges and universities and national backbone scientific research institutes and massive high-tech enterprises.

For Shenyang and Hunnan, THTI Holdings IES will introduce R&D institutes, R&D platforms, high-end talents and capital in a “packaged” manner, which provides a huge boost and drive for Hunnan to build a smart industrial cluster of China and an intellectual resources cluster in Northeast Asia.

Gathering Power and Innovating Productivity

At the opening ceremony, the China Productivity Promotion Center Association titled Shenyang • China IValley IES “China Productivity IE Demonstration Base”. Shenyang • China IValley IES, being the first IE service site of the China Productivity Promotion Center Association, will be able to use the nationwide science and technology service system of the Association; in combination with Tsinghua's intellectual and industrial resources and the innovation and entrepreneurship services and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, it will form a pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship that integrates online and offline business, connects among industry, university, research and application, and contains large and small enterprises, a push for the national innovation and entrepreneurship productivity promotion work to a new level.

At the same time, Shenyang • China IValley IES Alliance was officially launched, and the Angel Investors, Cerritos Group, Qifengle, Liaoning University Science Park, Liaoning Equity Exchange Center and other institutions are the first members of the Alliance. The Alliance uses the block as a space carrier and provides full-factor solutions especially for innovation and entrepreneurship institutions with an opening to the core resources, to promote the development of Shenyang innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises and build a cornerstone service platform for the Shenyang Innovation and Development Demonstration Zone.

In the future, “Shenyang • China IValley IES” will gather resources and services, cultivate local entrepreneurship enterprises in Shenyang based on the local characteristics of Hunnan, and incubate local innovation achievements. It will be committed to becoming the IE benchmark of the three northeast provinces of China and assisting in opening up a new chapter in innovation cooperation between Beijing and Shenyang.