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The Chief Innovation Officer of Telefonica Group and His Delegation Visited THTI

Time:2018-04-17 14:06    Publisher:tiholding

On April 17th, Gonzalo Martin Villa, the chief innovation officer of Telefonica Group, and his delegation, including Jacobo Garcia-Palencia, the union leader, Ji Weifeng, the CEO of Asia Division and Ms. Wu Qiong, the Director of Asian Division and Director of new business development, visited THTI. The president of THTI Chen Fang and Vice-President Ms. Liu Xiaofan as well as Vice-General Manager Ms. Lei Aijing warmly welcomed the guests.

Gonzalo Martin Villa and other guests visited the Changshu (Beijing) Innovation Center, an “enclave incubator project” of THTI, where they communicated on technologies with those enterprises in the center. In the following talks, President Chen Fang introduced the latest business development of THTI and focused on the cooperation conditions since THTI and Telefonica Group established the strategic cooperation alliance in 2014. After that, the two parties made a deeper discussion on how to broaden the cooperation and provide better service for those fast-growing enterprises in key industrial fields, especially high-quality cross-border services. Gonzalo Martin Villa expressed the hope to continue a close cooperation with THTI. A great attention should be paid on the key industrial fields by the two sides on basis of mutual learning and exchanges. The two sides should give a great impetus to the mutual cooperation.

Before the talks, Gonzalo Martin Villa and his delegation also visited the K2DATA and Kuai Shou Company, and respectively had communication with the responsible director, getting knowledge of the development status and business mode of Chinese S&T companies and discussing the possibility of cooperation.