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First innovation and entrepreneurship center in Xiong’an New Area

Time:2018-03-25 16:09    Publisher:tiholding

On March 25, 2018, the Xiongan Greenland Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (the center) was officially opened. The center is jointly financed by Greenland Group and IES Investment, a subsidiary of THTI. On the day of opening, Dong Jun, President of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd., Cheng Fang, CEO of THIT Holdings CO., Ltd. and President of IES Investment, Zhang Yuliang, Chairman and President of Greenland Group, and Ouyang Bing, General Manager of Beijing and Tianjin Division Department of Greenland Group, attended the opening ceremony.

First innovation and entrepreneurship center in Xiongan New Area

It has been less than a year since the establishment of Xiongan New Area in April 2017. During this short period, two milestone events took place: Greenland Group and IES Investment signed the strategic cooperation agreement on creating the Xiongan Greenland Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center on January 3, 2018; and the center was inaugurated on March 25. The center has set two records in terms of Xiongan New Areas innovation efforts: it is the first joint project of THTI and Greenland Group in Xiongan New Area; and it is the first innovation and entrepreneurship project in Xiongan New Area.

Covering an area of nearly 15000m2, the center will build a system of professional, network-based, platform-based, alliance-based and ecological services to serve the innovation and development of enterprises from the sectors of artificial intelligence, electronics technology, internet, new energy, biological medicine, information engineering, new materials and environmental protection in Xiongan New Area. It will be open to competitive innovative enterprises, and provide them with support in relation to financing, industrial synergy, policy advice and project incubation, with a view to creating a cluster of innovation and entrepreneurship industries with international influence that brings together essential factors of innovation and entrepreneurship, industries and talents.

First batch of 11 enterprises operating in the center

It is reported that, there are 11 enterprises being operated in the center, including InnoTREE, Ctoutiao, Gongsibao, Angelplus Accelerator, Qifengle (the first entrepreneurship-based video media in China) and Xuanzhizhongguo, and nearly twenty enterprises from such fields as artificial intelligence, cyber security, virtual reality, new retail, online education, entrepreneurship media and enterprise service plan to be operated in the center.

Many enterprises operating in the center said they had chosen the center mainly because the center offers a perfect supporting system which provides support in respect of financing, industrial synergy, policy advice and project incubation, and creates an efficient and convenient office environment.

According to the director of the center, the center will provide more facilities to meet the diverse demands of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

First industry alliance of innovation and entrepreneurship service

On the day of opening, the Xiongan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Alliance, jointly launched by IES Investment and Greenland Group, was officially established. As the first industry alliance that is targeted at serving innovation and entrepreneurship institutions in Xiongan New Area, this alliance aims to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with innovation and entrepreneurship services of total factor ecological value.

The alliance, driven by science and technology innovation and supported by resources from Greenland Group and THTI, will use street as spatial carrier to enhance exchanges and communication on professional fields. By opening the boundary of core resources, it will provide total-factor solutions to promote the high-speed growth of innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises in Xiongan New Area, with a view to building a cornerstone service platform for creating an innovative development demonstration area in Xiongan New Area. In addition to Greenland Group and THTI, founders of 8 investment institutions, including Angel Investors Center and Wangsu also attended the inauguration ceremony.

First cooperation between THTI and Greenland Group

The establishment of Xiongan New Area is a choice of national strategy with great historical significance. The center is the first cooperative project between THTI and Greenland Group in response to the CPC Central Committee and State Councils strategic arrangement of setting Xiongan New Area in Hebei Province, to create a role model of innovation and entrepreneurship in Xiongan New Area.

As the domestic industry leader of science and technology service, THTI participated in the planning and operation of Zhongguancun Inno Way. Besides, it has achieved many first, including Virtue Inno Valley, the first Chinese version of WeWork, TIPark (Silicon Valley), the first incubator of entities abroad, and TILink, the first industry promotion platform under Internet Plus. It has set up a nationwide ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, with 15 national innovation service bases. As a diversified enterprise with global presence, Greenland Group has been included in the list of Fortune 500 for six consecutive years. It has followed a diversified path of prioritizing real estate development while advancing the development of infrastructure construction, finance and consumption worldwide.

In the future, the center will leverage the strengths of THTI and Greenland Group in combination of its own strengths in terms of diversified industrial synergy and capital, and effectively integrate the comprehensive resources of Xiongan New Area as a key national new area, thus to give full play to Xiongan New Areas environmental strengths in integrated development and its influence on the entire Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and help develop it in all aspects into a new engine for innovation-driven development.

On the day of opening, 2018 Xiongan Science and Technology Innovation Development Roundtable Forum under the theme Science & Technology, Innovation, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei was also held, where attendees had discussions and shared insights on how to promote the development of Xiongan New Area from the perspectives of science and technology innovation and business incubation.