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THTI Chairman Dong Jun Awarded the Special Prize of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Figure in Innovation Shanxi 2017

Time:2017-09-22 10:30    Publisher:tiholding

In an effort to create a favorable environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, strength new driving forces and help with the transformation and upgrading of Shanxi, the organizing committee organized an election under the theme of “Innovation Shanxi” during the Shanxi parallel session of 2017 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week. The candidates of the election were individuals and companies who applied or were recommended by other units. In combination with the results of the Wechat voting, on-site voting and expert review, the organizing committee determined on the list of prizes including the special prize of innovation & entrepreneurship figure, the top 10 innovation & entrepreneurship figures, the top 10 innovation & entrepreneurship teams, the products (projects) with maximum investment value and the enterprises with largest growth potential. THTI Chairman Dong Jun was among the three entrepreneurs to be awarded the “2017 Innovation Shanxi Innovation & Entrepreneurship Figure Special Prize”.

Dong Jun, a graduate from the Department of Mechanics of Tsinghua University, is the Board Chairman of THTI Holding Co., Ltd. Also, he is a Member of Student Recruitment Committee of Tsinghua University, a Standing Director of Tsinghua Alumni Association, the Initiator of Study Fund of Tsinghua University, the Honorary Chairman of Tianjin Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, the Standing Vice President of Shanxi Branch of Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, a Member Of Entrepreneurs Association of Tsinghua University, a Member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of Taiyuan city and the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Qingdao Science and Technology Service Industry. A Shanxi-born entrepreneur, he worked in international trade, manufacturing, mining, real estate and so on successively. He was once granted as Science and Technology Pace Setter of Shanxi Province and Taiyuan city, May 1st Labour Medal of Taiyuan city, Excellent Entrepreneur Who Cared for Employees and so on, and also possessed many high-speed rail patents.

During the election, Wang Xianchao, the chairman and founder of BETTEM, and Hao Chaohui[A1] , the general manager of Curecell, were also awarded the prize of “2017 Innovation Shanxi Top 10 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Figures”. Both companies are operating in the TIPark (Taiyuan).

In 2011, THTI established the TIPark (Taiyuan). With the support from Tsinghua Series and the strategy to serve Shanxi with Taiyuan as the center, the TIPark (Taiyuan) is a large hi-tech innovation park featuring comprehensive incubation function. It aims to developing to an innovative base for talent aggregation and innovation, a base for the transfer of science and technology achievements and a base for the development of industrial clusters. As of August 2017, there had been nearly 500 enterprises operating in the park, mainly focused on emerging industries of strategic importance such as internet, smart manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, new generation of information network projects and coal chemical industry as well as intermediary services. With an employment of nearly 12000 people and an output of around RMB 20 billion, the TIPark (Taiyuan) was certified as national technology business incubator, national MIE space, national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base for small and micro enterprises and Shanxi provincial mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base. During the visit to the TIPark (Taiyuan) in January 2016, Premier Li Keqiang had friendly exchanges with entrepreneurs and encouraged them to “carry forward the spirit of Shanxi merchants”.

Moreover, during the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, the TIPark (Shanxi demonstration zone) operated by THTI’s Taiyuan THTI S&T Park Management Co., Ltd. under the commission of Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone made its debut. Covering an area of around 0.35 million square meters, the park offers a venue and service support for the holding of the Shanxi parallel session of the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week. The park consists of the headquarters, advanced research institutes, a technology business incubator, a MIE space, etc. Some of the Fortune 500 companies, high-end research institutes and platforms for transfer of innovative achievements are operating in the park.