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NMIEW | Shanghai Jiading Innovation & Entrepreneurship Street Kicks off

Time:2017-09-16 16:13    Publisher:tiholding

“Upgrading through Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Strengthening New Driving Force” – On the morning of September 16, at the Jiading (Shanghai) Venue of the 2017 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week (NMIEW), the Ceremony for the Inauguration of Shanghai Jiading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Building & the Opening of Shanghai Jiading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Street jointly organized by Shanghai Jiading District Science and Technology Commission and THTI Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “THTI”) was solemnly held; THTI’s President Cheng Fang, Vice President Liu Xiaofan, and Senior Vice President Miao Yingwei were present in the ceremony. After that, the First Shanghai Jiading Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, on the theme of “Trend-Following Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, kicks off as well, and many distinguished personages from political, academic, business and entrepreneurial (startup) circles have been invited to discuss the development of entrepreneurship & innovation, and THTI's President Cheng Fang delivered a speech titled “The Essence of MIE Space and Product Thinking”.

The event is jointly initiated by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Street (IES) Investment and its strategic partners Qifengle and Ctoutiao, The attendees include Tian Shenrong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Leadership Group of the CAS Shanghai Branch, Gan Pin, Deputy Director of Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, Ma Yanmin, President of China Association for Promotion of Private Sci-Tech Enterprises (CAPPSE), Zheng Haojun, Director of China Service Center for Enterprise Innovation, Xu Jianmao, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yang Qinggen, Secretary-general of Shanghai Promotion Association Techtransfer (SPAT), Ma Chunlei, Secretary of the Jiading District Committee, Xu Mousai, Director of the Standing Committee of the Jiading District People's Congress, Liu Haitao, Chairman of the CPPCC of Jiading District Committee, Zhou Jinlin, Deputy Secretary of the Jiading District Committee, Shen Huadi, a member of the Standing Committee of and Deputy Head of Jiading District, Dong Yiwen, a member of the Standing Committee of and Deputy Head of Jiading District, Zhou Wenjie, a member of the Standing Committee of and Head of the Organization Department of Jiading District, and Fu Jun, Deputy Head of Jiading District.

Cheng Fang, President of THTI and Chairman of IES Investment introduced the development of IES on behalf of the organizers, and shared his valuable experience in the operation mode, resource allocation and capital sources. He likened innovation/ entrepreneurship and government support to dried firewood and strong fuel, and the IES to a match which surely gives rise to the “roaring flames” of sci-tech innovation.

The openings of Shanghai Jiading Innovation & Entrepreneurship Building, Shanghai Jiading EIS, and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Apartment were three major highlights of the ceremony, indicating the directions for the project scale, project mode and operation service of Jiading Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, a series of opening ceremonies took place on the scene; many projects were settled here one after another, including Jiading Service Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the Jiading Branch of Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship College, the Jiading Branch of the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, the Crowd Working Space established by THTI, Telefónica and China Unicom, "Star Cluster Space" of Tsinghua Holdings, E&I TV (Shanghai Stop), and, which supplies detailed annotations to the splendid appearance of Shanghai Jiading EIS; the scene of all the inauguration guests pressing the screen to start thrilled all the audience.

The 2017 First Shanghai Jiading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum in the afternoon was really fruitful. The guests from political, academic, and business circles gathered happily together and expounded the models of entrepreneurship & innovation development from perspectives of trends, investments, merger and acquisition as well as scientific and technological Innovation.

Mr. Cheng delivered a speech titled “The Essence of MIE Space and Product Thinking”, which was appealing to all the guests present. According to him, the MIE (mass innovation and entrepreneurship) Space had experienced the startup with a brilliant surprise appearance and successive introduction and quick disappear of members since 2014, and only those enterprises positioning themselves correctly and finding their own core competences had actually survived. He said figuratively: Has the coffee become cool? Not hot at least. That is a good thing. Empty talks are fewer when rationality has returned, while there come more people of action; those who invest are fewer while providers of services are more; investment models become fewer while investors in technology become more. The rational ones have found their suitable models and positioning. A number of carriers, enterprises, social capital and representative achievements have emerged during these three years of entrepreneurship & innovation, and more significantly, a seed was planted in the economic structure, and a consensus formed, which will form and drive a huge industrial chain. After that, Mr. Cheng shared the six key factors contributing to the MIE Space’s achievements: talent, technology, market, industry, capital and space, and proactively interpreted the essence of E&I product improvement and services.

Furthermore, Ma Yanmin, President of the CAPPSE of the Ministry of Science and Technology, delivered an excellent speech on how Chinese private enterprises can achieve technological innovation; Zhou Qingfeng, Chief of the Domestic Cooperation Department of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, introduced the business model and work scope of the Yangtze Delta Region Institute, and cases of implementation of achievement transformations in the speech titled “The Development and Trends of the Transformation Platforms of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Universities and Colleges”, by providing examples for the transformation of new and high-tech achievements; Zhi Peng, Secretary-general of Zhongguancun M&A Development Promotion Association, offered very feasible suggestions about M&A models concerning innovation and entrepreneurship according to her years of professional experience in Europe and the USA.

At the end of the forum, Mr. Luo Zhiyong, the founder of Qifengle, the first entrepreneurship-based video media in China, presided over the roundtable forum titled “Investment Risk Exposure and Trend in an Era of Scientific and Technological Innovation”, where Wu Lingwei, the founder of Angelplus Accelerator and a partner of Hongtai Fund, Xiao Yi, a partner of Innoangel Fund (Shanghai), Yang Zhilong, a founding partner of Zheshang Venture Capital, Zhang Wei, a co-founder of Gongsibao, and Chen Zhigang, the founder of Ctoutiao focused on the topic of artificial intelligence and had extensive discussions about technological innovation, integration of investment and financing resources, prospects of investment and financing trends; in the light atmosphere and with meticulous thoughts in such activities, an innovation- and entrepreneurship-related feast of thoughts was brought to the audience.

Jiading District is a core area of Shanghai’s scientific and technological innovation, and Shanghai Jiading EIS is regarded as the core engine. The EIS is equipped with auxiliary facilities for business and daily life, such as Entrepreneurship & Innovation Talent Apartment, Mak-er Café, supermarket, gymnasium, etc., gathers Tsinghua’s innovation and entrepreneurship resources in the form of street neighborhood, andgives full play to Jiading District’s advantages in concentrated technological innovation resources, clustered research institutes, extensive industrial space, complete supporting facilities of industrial chains, to become a new landmark of sci-tech innovation in Jiading.

Jiading District serves as the key support for the Sci-tech Innovation Center in Shanghai’s economic sector, and the foresighted Government of Jiading District has chosen Beijing IES Investment, the leader in operations of innovation and entrepreneurship streets, as the operator of Shanghai Jiading IES. IES Investment is a professional management company established by THTI for the business segment of venture streets. Relying on THTI’s plentiful experiences and resources in innovation and entrepreneurship, it will bring professional services to Jiading District, integrating with the international perspectives, high-end resources and achievement transformations.