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7.31 “Xiaoyang Community” settled in Jiangbei, Chongqing to create southwestern China’s new entrepreneur landmark

Time:2015-07-31 13:19    Publisher:tiholding

WorldunionTiholding Technological Service Co., Ltd. held projectsigning ceremony on July 30 with ChengqingJiangbei District People’sGovernment. “Xiaoyang Youth Entrepreneurship Community”, a youthentrepreneurship brand jointly created by Tiholding and WorldUnion PropertiesConsultancy Co.,Ltd. officially settled in Jiangbei District, Chongqing,forming four business types, respectively, commerce, industry, propertymanagement, and entrepreneurship, becoming an organic mixed operation ecosphereof six dimensions of work, entrepreneurship, entertainment, social contact,cultural consumption, and residence.

WengJieming, standingmember of CCP Chongqing Committee and executive vice mayor, Wu Gang, vice mayorof Chongqing People’s Government, Li Dianxun, director of Chongqing Committeeof Science and Technology, Yang Shuhai, director of the city’s Development andReforming Committee, Yuan Wei, vice director of the city’s finance office, LiaoChuanjin, the Communist Youth League Chongqing vice secretary, Tian Ye, vice inspectorof Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce, Du Heping, CCP secretaryof Jiangbei District, Chongqing, Dai Xiaohong, CCP vice secretary of JiangbeiDistrict, Chongqing, Wang Heping, CCP vice secretary of Jiangbei District,Chongqing, Gao Hongbo, CCP standing committee member of Jiangbei District,Chongqing, and executive vice district mayor, Fan Lixin, CCP standing committeemember of Jiangbei District, Chongqing and director of district office, ZhouYong, vice district mayor of Jiangbei District People’s Government, Chongqing,Cheng FFang, chairman of Tiholding and CEO of Xiaoyang Youth EntrepreneurshipCommunity, Lin Wei, vice president of Shenzhen WorldUnion PropertiesConsultancy Co.,Ltd., Zhang Yiliang, general manager of Chongqing XiaoyangYouth Entrepreneurship Community, and persons in charge of Chongqing Committeeof Science and Technology, Communist Youth League Chongqing Committee,Chongqing Committee of Development and Reforming, Finance Office, relevantdepartment of Jiangbei District, and superintendent of Zhenjie attended thissigning ceremony.

Signing Ceremony of Shizishan Youth Entrepreneurship Community Project

Du Heping, secretary of CCP Chongqing Committee said in hislecture that Shizishan Youth Entrepreneurship Community integrated resourcesfrom Tiholding, Shenzhen Worldunion and Jiangbei District, effectivelypromoting accelerated progression. Jiangbei District would spare no efforts insupporting the construction and development of Shizishan Youth EntrepreneurshipCommunity, adding a new force to the district’s innovation andentrepreneurship, making it a heaven for innovation and entrepreneurship.

President Cheng Fang said in the signing ceremony and he thankedChongqing Government and Jiangbei District Government for their great supportfor the settlement of “Xiaoyang Youth Entrepreneurship” in Chongqing. Heintroduced, the entrepreneurship community was an entrepreneurship spacecarrier with more complexed functions and diversified forms and it was upgradedfrom traditional technology parks, entrepreneurship incubators and Innoways aswell as other space carriers. At the same time, research on 50 worldwideinnovative cities showed that small spaces, young participants and variedfunctions were the key to maintain sustained regional innovation. XiaoyangYouth Community might cater to the demands of the youth in form and functionand they hope to increase the demonstration, participation, interest andfashion in entrepreneurship to create a entrepreneurship atmosphere andstimulate urban youth’s entrepreneurship energy.

Effect Picture of Shizishan Youth Entrepreneurship Community, JiangbeiDistrict, Chongqing

Cheng Fang said the cooperation of Xiaoyang Youth EntrepreneurshipCommunity with Jiangbei District would integrate Tiholding’s strong operationabilities, enriched entrepreneurship resources and accumulated innovation &entrepreneurship guidance experiences, striving to introduce the operationexperience and mode to Chongqing to build an entrepreneurship integratingentrepreneurship, office work, entertainment, social contact, andconsumptionand form a entrepreneurship ecosystem including entrepreneurshipexchanges, incubation, service, training and entrepreneurship media.

WengJieming, CCP Chongqing Standing Committee Member, executivevice mayor said in his important speech that Chongqing’s economy had beenrapidly development, but the atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation wasinsufficient. Shizishan Entrepreneurship Youth Community was aiming to build tocountry’s first new innovation and entrepreneurship community, and to establisha first class public entrepreneurship space cluster. Other counties anddistricts of Chongqing should follow the example of Jiangbei District andachieve the objective of building 1000 public entrepreneurship space, 1000technological giants and 1000 technological platforms.

It was understood that Shizishan Youth Entrepreneurship wouldcreate in the future a 20000 sqm public entrepreneurship space, which wouldattract more than 20 entrepreneurship service agencies, incubate more than 500new enterprises, introduce and cultivate more than 200 leading entrepreneurshiptalents, hold more than 300 innovation and entrepreneurship activities,establish entrepreneurship capitals of more than 100 million yuan, buildentrepreneurship communities fitting comprehensive requirements of youthgroups, boost Chongqing’s entrepreneurship trends and create a new landmark ofinnovation and entrepreneurship for southwestern China.

(Reporters: Li Xing, LinXiao)