Management Team

  • Dong Jun

    Board ChairmanDong Jun is the Board Chairman of THTI Holding Co., Ltd., member of Student Recruitment Committee of Tsinghua University, a standing director of Tsinghua Alumni Association, of Tsinghua Alumni Association, initiator of Study Fund of Tsinghua University, honorary chairman of Tianjin Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, standing vice President of Shanxi branch of Alumni Association of Tsinghua University, member of entrepreneurs association of Tsinghua University, the Standing Committee of the National People' s Congress of Taiyuan city, and chairman of the chamber of commerce of Qingdao Science and Technology Service Industry. Graduated from Department of Mechanics of Tsinghua University with bachelor degree, senior engineer, nonparty personage, Mr. Dong took the job in July, 1989. At first, he worked in Shanxi Machinery Import and Export Corporation. In 2001, Mr. Dong became self-employed in International trade, manufacturing, mining, real estate and so on successively. He was once granted as Science and technology pace setter of Shanxi province, Taiyuan city, May lst Labour Medal of Taiyuan city, excellent entrepreneur who cared for employees and so on, and also possessed many high-speed rail patents. Enthusiastic for public welfare establishments, he initiated the Study Fund of Tsinghua University to subsidize graduates of Tsinghua University in grass-roots work.
  • Cheng Fang

    PresidentCheng Fang, President of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd, General Manager of Shenzhen Shilian Technology Innovation Service Co., Ltd and Board Chairman of Beijing Innovation & Entrepreneurs Ave Investment Management Co., Ltd, gained his Master Degree of Engineering from Tsinghua University and was awarded as “Outstanding Communist” in Tsinghua Holdings. Mr. Cheng is dedicated to research and implementation about science park, and attains abundant experience in development & operation of scientific park, research & tender-invitation concerning high-tech industry, study on scientific policies and park planning as well as start-up incubation and investment. He established TILink, a crowdsourcing industrial tender-invitation platform, led team to manage and operate Zhongguancun Inno Way, the first accumulation area of maker spaces in China, and built the Creative Young Community, the first startup service complex for youth in China.
  • Huang Yifeng

    Standing vice presidentHuang Yifeng, standing vice president of THTI Holdings Co, Ltd and general manager of Tiholding Hengye Investment Co., Ltd, is in full charge of the development and construction of the carrier of the science park affiliated to Tiholding. He owns more than ten years of experience in the construction, operation and management of the science park, and rich experience in industry selection, the construction of innovation service system, enterprise incubation, hard environment construction, etc.
  • Liu Xiaofan

    Vice presidentLiu Xiaofan, the vice-president and Board Secretary of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd, gained her master degree from Renmin University of China, majoring in Theory of Literature and Art. She has more than ten years of experience in science and technology service and corporate management and is in charge of the internal management and global business of Tiholding.
  • Miao Yingwei

    Senior vice presidentMiao Yingwei has served as the Senior vice president of THTI Holdings Co.,Ltd, General manager of Beijing Innovation & Entrepreneurs Ave Investment Management Co., Ltd. He is the committee member of Beijing youth federation, standing committee member of Beijing Haidian youth federation, member of China Association for Promoting Democracy, committee member of Haidian entrepreneur branch of China Association for Promoting Democracy and vice secretary general of CSIP Chinese union of technology industrial innovation.
  • Fan Yazhou

    Senior vice president
  • Shi Yongxiang

    Senior vice presidentShi Yongxiang, senior vice president of THTI, has rich experience in the management and operation of the science and technology park and the area of constructing an intelligent city. In addition, he has great capabilities and unique strategies in efficient capital investment and management.
  • Ye Ying

    Director of FinanceYe Ying is the Director of Finance of THTI. She has rich experience in financial management, corporate governance, capital management and rich control.
  • Liu Lu

    Director of Human ResourcesLiu Lu,director of Human Resources of THTI, graduated from Renmin University of China and is now on-the-job graduate student majoring in human resources management. He worked as a senior executive or human resources director in some large listed group companies and culture & tourism groups, accumulating more than 10 years of comprehensive management experience in large-scale enterprise human resources. In addition, he keeps focusing on enterprise talent development and talent value-added cultivation. He is expert at combining domestic and foreign advanced human resources management concept with the actual situation of the enterprises to promote the enterprises’ optimization and upgrading in many aspects such as human resources planning, talent selection and introduction, personnel training and development, talent incentives and corporate culture. In the years of management work, he helped a number of enterprises develop the comprehensive improvement of human resources management from their growth period to their maturity and at the same time, has accumulated rich practical the organizational adjustment, salary reform, performance management implementation, talent inventory and other aspects.
  • Li Yang

    Director of Public RelationsLi Yang, director of public relations of THTI, is a master graduate from Public Management School of Tsinghua University. Ms. Li Yang has long focused on the public outreach, so she has accumulated rich research and practical experience in the corporate brand building, promotion and operation. She participated in the government image publicity, urban image shaping and promotion as well as many other related projects, during which she accumulated a wide range of social resources in the field of public relations, creating a good image and reputation for the enterprises.
  • Qi Xiaohong

    President assistantServed as Assistant to President of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd, deputy general manager of THTI Hengye Investment Co., Ltd, President of THTI (Tianjin) Science Park Management Co., Ltd and general manager of THTI (Tianjin) Industrial Co. Ltd, she received bachelor’s and master’s degree in law from Tsinghua University and is well experienced in incubator operation and management. Besides, she also has rich service experience in tech companiesand is uniquely insightful in needs research and gro wth tutoring of startup companies. She is currently committed to construction and operation of TiPark Tianjin and responsible for interfacing between Tsinghua business portfolio and local governments.
  • Pan Wenhu

    President assistantPan Wenhu, President Assistant of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Tsinghua Technology & Innovation Hengye Investment Co., Ltd., General Manager of Kechuang (Qingdao) Science & Technology Park Investment Development Co., Ltd, is graduated as a postgraduate from Lund University, the largest base of Aisa studies in Europe. Focusing on the operation management and investment promotion service for a long time, he is very experienced in the development of customers for the Science & Technology Park and the maintenance of various external public relationships.
  • Liu Wenjie

    President assistantLiu Wenjie is the President Assistant of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd, and the standing vice general manager and founding partner of THTI Ventures. He is international MBA of Tsinghua University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, master of communication in the school of news and communication in Tsinghua University, and double-degree bachelor of theoretical physics and computer application in East China Normal University. He has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, R&D and management in the area of IT, internet, and new-media and owns various industrial resource. He has been involved in investments of more than 30 companies.
  • Nie Lixia

    President assistantNie Lixia, President assistant of THTI Holdings Co.,Ltd and general manager of Haizhi Kechuang Technology Service Co.,Ltd, is graduated from Renmin University of China with master degree in management, focusing on technological economy study. She has more than ten years of experience in study of innovation and entrepreneurship and the practice of entrepreneurial service. As the main leader, she has completed many projects including report of Zhongguancun entrepreneurship, study of industry status of Zhongguancun entrepreneurial service, study of Zhongguancun incubator, study of operating mechanism and development mode of university science park, study of science service industry in Haidian District, study of contribution of science service industry to capital development, providing her unique understanding of domestic and abroad latest trend of innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides, she participated in the industry adjustment of Haidian Book City and the operation management of the Zhongguancun Innoway and has accumulated rich experience in resource integration, innovation incubation and other practices of entrepreneurial services.
  • Du Shaojun

    President assistantDu Shaojun is the President Assistant of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd, and doctor and post-doctoral of Tsinghua University. He mainly studies the system of regional innovation and entrepreneurship and the planning of the science park. He has rich experience in functional design, space layout, industry introduction and management operation of the science park and the establishment of the system of the regional science innovation service, and recently is responsible for the planning of the innovation and entrepreneurial road in Zhongguancun, the entrepreneurial reports 2011 to 2013 in Zhongguancun, the planning of the system of the technology service in the high-tech zone of Chongqing and the planning of Qingdao international technology transfer center.
  • Sun Shixing

    President assistantSun Shixing, President Assistant of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Tsinghua Technology & Innovation Hengye Investment Co., Ltd, devoted himself to the development, construction and operation management of science & technology park and incubator since 2002. He participated in the incubator network expansion and management in Zhongguancun Fengtai Park, as well as the construction of Shangdi Information Industry Base (Yongfeng Base, Ecopark and Innovation Park). He has abundant experience in the development, construction and operation management of science & technology park and incubator. After joining THTI Holdings, he was mainly responsible for the outward expansion, planning, operation management, investment promotion and other works of heavily invested industrial park of THTI Holdings and participated in the acquirement, construction and operation of heavily invested industrial park projects in Qingdao, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Yixing, etc.
  • Shui Tengfei

    President assistantShui Tengfei is the President Assistant of THTI, Vice General Manager of Creative Young Community, General Manager of Creative Young Community (Suzhou) and Yiwu Creative Space. She graduated from Renmin University of China with the master degree in management. She is dedicated to research and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship and has rich experience in incubating vehicles’ operation, startup incubation, and investment. The team she leads has completed many important projects and startup contests of Ministry of Science and Technology of The People’s Republic of China, served 10,000+ startups, and accumulated extensive resource and great reputation in technological service industry.