Talent Concept

Excellenttalent is the foundation of realizing cooperate strategic goals and the powerof cooperative sustainable power. Our company’s recruit talents with scientificpersonnel training methods, an effective incentive mechanism, equal competitiveplatform and broad development space, making greater efforts in human resourcesin respect of "the election, education, use, retaining", continuouslyoptimizes structure of staff quality. Therefore, every employee in THTI can fullyreflect the self-worth, achieve combination of personal career planning andbusiness development goals to the maximum and the common growth of employeesand businesses. The company respects the corporate culture of "workingtogether, sharing, growth, happiness," based on spirit of enterprise of"dedication, stick, pioneering and innovation", and takes it as aguiding principle of our human resources work. We believe that, “employees whodid well on their own work being wealth ". The company focuses on staff’sintegrity, honesty and professional ethic of the courage to takeresponsibility, and promote communication, cooperation and dedication as wellas mutual assistance. With scientific and standardized management, the company providesa good working environment and development platform for employees and takes effortsto achieve common development and progress of employees and enterprises. Thecompany advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, so thatrelationships between people easy and healthy and build happy work atmosphere.We care about the staffs’ life, encourage employees to pursue physical andmental health, and we also support the staffs to carry out the rich culturaland sports activities to relax outside of work, so that employees can work hardand lead a happy life.