Introduction to Business

1. Research onScience and Technology Service Industry

A good innovation environment is the most fundamentalbasis of regional industrial upgrade and enterprise transformation. The fourchallenges that will emerge in the process significantly improving the regionalinnovation environments in all the places are as follows:

As a leading institution in the science and technologyservice sector, our company can provide full research consultation service andresource import for the construction of science and technology service system,scientific and technological resource clustering, achievement transfer andtransformation and industrial innovation in the whole process of constructinginnovation environments in all the regions, put forward feasible policysuggestions for local governments and create good innovation environment forregional industrial upgrade and enterprise transformation through conductingresearches and practices on regional innovation system, science and technologyservice, science and technology finance and other fields for a long time.

2. EntrepreneurshipResearch

As the cultivation of emerging regional industry andtraditional industry upgrade requires constantly injection of innovation andthe role of original innovation of technology entrepreneurship in the regionaldevelopment is becoming more prominent, the regional governments need to payattention to the following problems:

With the dependence on the practicalexperience in emerging industry incubator, international incubator, venturecapital and entrepreneurship block, our company always pays close attention tothe current trend of international and domestic entrepreneurship, technologyentrepreneurship activity, science park and emerging industry incubatordevelopment and masters the latest technology entrepreneurship feature andtrend. The entrepreneurship research team provides policy suggestions for theconstruction of innovation and entrepreneurship environment, promotion oftechnology entrepreneurship activities and cultivation of entrepreneurshipculture to governments at all levels and helps them innovation environmentfavorable for technology entrepreneurship, with the focus on stimulatingregional entrepreneurship vitality, attracting excellent career-creatingtalents, creating entrepreneurship atmosphere and improving the ability ofentrepreneurship incubation carrier service. It aims to inject fresh innovationvitality to the cultivation of regional emerging industry and traditionalindustry upgrade and give full play to the leading role of technologyentrepreneurship in the regional development.

Meanwhile, it conducts international entrepreneurshipresearch on a regular basis to follow up the latest trend of the innovation andentrepreneurship in the world through conducting the analysis on therepresentative field, institution or event that is a trend-setter. Our companycan guarantee that our researches are thorough, leading and practicable, as weseek a lot of first-hand international data in the process of the researchesand combine our international expansion business.

Four Advantages:

We have:

Rich practical experience in technology innovation andentrepreneurship service

Real link with the Silicon Valley

Deep participation in the construction of science andtechnology service system and innovation environment of governments at alllevels and parks

Close relationship with famous service institutions

Successful Casesand Achievements

Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone’sThree-year Action Plan for Science and Technology Service

Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship Report (for 2011, 2012,2013 and 2014)

Study on Method of Supporting Zhongguancun UniversityScience Park and Incubator

Study on the Development Trend and Operation Mechanism ofNational University Science Park in the New Era

Study on the Contribution of Science and TechnologyService to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development in Beijing

Study on the Science and Technology Innovation ServiceSystem in Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Study on the Plan for Establishing the Guidance Fund forthe Commercialization of Research Findings of Haidian District

Study on Supplementary Science and Technology and FinanceService System of Haidian District

Study on Plan for Establishing Private Equity Fund inHaidian District

Study on Innovation Fusion System in Haidian District

Plan Design of Comprehensive Scientific and TechnologicalInnovation Service Platform for Shanxi Scientific and Technological InnovationCity

International Entrepreneurship Study Weekly

Cooperative Mode

Mode 1: consulting service commission. We conduct theresearch on regional scientific and technological innovation system anddevelopment planning for science and technology service industry based onregional development demand to develop the appropriate plan.

Mode 2: Research subject commission. We accept the researchsubject commission to conduct the policy research on the construction ofregional scientific and technological innovation system, entrepreneurshipincubation carrier construction and science and technology service abilityimprovement, and then provide relevant feasible policy suggestions throughconducting demand investigation, comparison and analysis.

Mode 3: “Consulting and research + resource import)”service. We establish in-depth cooperative relationship with regionalgovernments to help local governments with planning development, policyresearch and service institution matching, assist them to plan and implementthe policies and help them match innovation and entrepreneurship resources.

Service Object

As a science and technology industry and entrepreneurshipresearch center, we aim to provide resolutions for regional innovationenvironment to science and technology departments, high-tech industrialdevelopment zones and their management committees around the nation. Part ofour service objects are as follows: