Research Center for park Development

Introductionto Business

The six sticky problems facing scienceparks are as follows:

We can help science parks with theabove-mentioned six main sticky problems influencing their development, becausewe have a professional research team comprising of seniors in science parkindustry to provide full planning service to high-tech zone, Science Park andnew incubator.

The provision of just simple theoreticalresearch is not the way we offer our consulting service. With more than tenyears of experience in the construction, management and operation of scienceparks, we provide our clients with the planning and consulting results, whichnot only can satisfy the actual demand of the development of science parks butalso have great practical guidance value. In addition, we also can follow up therelevant industrial resource organization service and operational managementservice for our clients, if which is want they want.

The static planning scheme is not thewhole of our consulting service, because we will conduct the researches onnearly one hundred key cities and regions where the business covers toestablish a dynamic industry network nationwide and even in the globe. So, wenot only offer our client with a scheme but also bring them to the latestindustrial resources.

Service Scope

Service Scope:


Client scope: innovation carriers, suchas incubator and Science Park

Tailored service in accordance with thedemand of clients


Successful Case

Part of Successful cases:

Zhongguancun Venture Street Plan -Haidian Book City Business Upgrade Plan

Plan for Digital Publishing Base ofChina Industry Development (Group) Corporation

Plan for Qingdao Technology TransferCenter

Plan for Business Upgrade of BeijingZhongguancun Digital Logistics Port Co., Ltd.

Planning for Mobile Internet Industry ofGuiyang High-tech Industrial Development Area

Planning for Scientific andTechnological Innovation of Guiyang High-tech Industrial Development Area

Strategic Plan for Yancheng Science andEducation City

Strategic Plan for Science andTechnology City

Strategic Plan for Shenyang NationalUniversity Science and Technology City

Strategic Plan for Zoucheng Science Parkof Shandong Province

Planning for High-tech BusinessIncubator Development of Yichang Heyi Enterprise Incubation Operation andManagement Co., Ltd.

Plan for the Development of Science Parkof Liuzhou Motor City

Illustrations of Achievements: