Industry Attraction

Currently, the department of business of industry promotion of THTI Holding has established the regional cooperation system with 18 local governments, and recommended and connected technology enterprises for the park for more than 1,000 times through e-enterprise action, one-to-one service ofinvestment attraction and e-Road Show , and promotes enterprise to invest and develop in local areas.

[E-enterprise action]

 E-enterprise action regularly organizes entrepreneurs and industry experts to investigate the park on site so as to makeenterprise and Science Park have more chances of mutual recognition.

E-enterprise action hasinvited more than 100 entrepreneurs and senior experts in industry field to investigate various parks on site.



On August 14th, 2013, International Innovation Conversation of Industry and Capital of Qingdao-America Silicon Valley High-tech Technology was held. E-enterprise action has invited economy experts of America Silicon Valley, academicians of the Engineering Academy and elite entrepreneur from Beijing and Qingdao (more than 200 persons together) to attend this conversation.


On March 27th, 2014, e-enterprise action of THTI holding invited 13 enterprises to investigate in Beijing-Tianjin Technology Valley for visit and negotiation on site, and they were enthusiastically welcomed by leaders in Wuqing District, Tianjin City.

[One-to-oneservice of investment attraction]

The one-to-one service of investment attraction positively carries out screening, selection, trackingvisit, public relation and other activities to high quality enterprises mainly by founding team of investment attraction and according to customer’s demand on investment attraction and industry direction so as to achieve the offline buttjoint between regional government and high quality enterprise.

Butt joint achievement of investment attraction

Symantec, Sany Heavy Industry, China North Industries GroupCorporation,  Jiangsu Yongnian Laser and other high quality enterprises butt joint with Qingdao High-techZone;

The project of micro sensor chip of Chinese Academy of Sciencesis signed to be located in Yancheng;

The project of the platform of automobile electric control transmission development;

SUNRUSTechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is located in Tianjin;

Coyote Biotechnology (Beijing)Co.,Ltd is located in Yixing;

The project of true 3D volumetric display of Chinese Academy of Sciences is signed to be located in Yancheng.

[E-Road Show]

E-Road Show aims to build various development resources such as industry experts, propaganda media, capital, spatial carrier, park governments,etc., for enterprises through screening out high-quality willing enterprises to participate road show conference.

E-Road Show mainly comprises the road show of industry theme, roadshow of specific area and monthly and quarterly road show.

Currently, the department of business of industry promotion of Tiholding has organized more than 100 enterprises and project of production, studyand research to participate the activity of road show so as to attract all governments, parks and investment and financing organizations from the state to participate.

The 17thChinese Beijing Technology Industry Expo  Communication Meeting of Butt Joint for Production, Study and Research between China and Japan.