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The training center for innovation and entrepreneurship of Tiholding is the educational training service platform of innovation and entrepreneurship and belongs to Tiholding.It is the only expert educational training service organization focusing onregional innovation and entrepreneurship of technology enterprise in theTsinghua educational industry system. As one of the important parts in the full comprehensive industry chain system of THTI holding, the center undertakes the mission of cultivating standards of technology service industry and high-techtalents. Based on the concept of depending on the advantages of platformresources and helping the regional innovation and development, the centertakes the industry of technology service as the foothold, develops the businessof the educational training service by focusing on the two main lines ofregional innovation and development of technology enterprises, and creates theplatform of cultivation and practical training for talents of technology innovation and entrepreneurship with collections of knowledge, intelligence,commerce and affection through creating two-winecosphere and collecting resources of industry experts, government politicians,experts and scholars, entrepreneur, investment talents, etc.


The training center of innovation and entrepreneurship of THTI holding mainly consistsof the two training parts of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

1.The series course of regional innovation management takes situation recognition, experience collection, skill improvement and development promotion as the main training line, and is implemented by three phases of broaden visual field, experience sharing and improvement of practical operating ability so as to help people in technology service industry to broaden visual field, update concept, replenish knowledge and simulate experience, and guide management personnel of the park to develop the innovation management work in the park by using innovation idea,method and tool.

§ Broaden visual field: take the Tendency Analysis as the main training line to understand the development sequence of ideas and tendency and face the innovation and transformation at a wider and higher position so as to give basis for the innovative development of the park.

· Experience sharing: take the Experience Accumulation as the main training line and experience communication and case sharing as the main training mode, invite the management personnel with practical experience of the park to tell by themselves and analyze the opportunities and challenges of thepark development.

· Improvement of practical operating ability: take the Skill Improvement as the main training line, and the actual problem solution,workshop and actual training platform as the main training way so as to help the park to solve the actual problems in innovative development and innovative management.

   2. Series courses for the development of entrepreneurship of the enterprise: create a clear, feasible and easy-success way of entrepreneurship for high-tech industry and entrepreneurial enterprises with the cultivation and shaping of creative ideas and the activation and implanting ofthe innovative and entrepreneurial spirits.

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