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[Promotion fair of investment attraction]

The promotion fair of investment attraction invites the people responsible for the willing enterprise to participate according to conditionsof local and park detailed industry, build the platform of butt joint between enterprise and park, and realize the high-effect investment attraction ofmultiple ones (enterprises) to one (park) type.

Department of business of industry promotion of Tiholding has organized a plurality of promotion fairs of investment attraction for Dongli District of Tianjin City, Tinghu District, Yancheng City of Jiangsu Province,state high-tech zone of Nanyang, state high-tech zone of Qingdao, state high-tech zone of Guiyang and other governments and parks:

[Training for people of investment attraction]

The training for people of investment attraction provides all training for relevant leaders and team of investment attraction through thetraining way and combining with actual case and experience of investment attraction.

  Training for investment attraction mainly includes basic theory and reserve, channel introduction and construction,industry research and arrangement method, construction and maintenance of database, selection of method of investment attraction, skill for information collection and skill for project package.

Case of training for people of investment attraction: