As astrategic platform of Tsinghua Holdings,THTI Holdings Co., Ltd. keeps sound and fastdevelopment momentum and striding toward to the orientation of creating serviceindustrial leading brand and enterprise. Our team will meet more and more challengesin such strategic pace. 21st century is an uncertain era, and corporate competitionis the human’s competition. It means a learning era for entrepreneurs, and thespeed of learning also affects the speed of corporate development.

Objective: THTI Business School is educational traininginstitution affiliated to THTI Holdings Co., Ltd., which cultivates industrialelite and selects reserve force of Group.

Orientation: The trainee is middle manager and cadre employee.

Task: To be the cadre training base, promoting corporate changes andinternal management, forming unified corporate cultural and behavioralstandard, improving the staffs’ quality and business skills, attracting anddiscovering talents, supporting the corporate business development andappreciation of human capital.