Development History


In 2002, Beijing Huaqingkejian Investment Development Limited Liability Company was founded.

In 2003, , the first branch park-Beijing Yuquan TusPark was founded, which is the first step of the radiating development of Science Park and the construction of network system of nationwide park.

In 2007, , the innovation service system of the science park was built, and the development strategy was transformed and upgraded from providing the improvement of spatial carrier to the service of technology innovation.

In 2008, , the technology online service network came into the market, which is the first Chinese internet platform characterized in integration of science resources and online innovation service, breaks through the limitation of the physical space of the technology park and covers a wider range of small-and-middle-sized technology enterprises.

In 2010, THTI Holdings Co., Ltd was officially founded, and it determined to take the industry of technology innovation service as the main development strategy of the company.

In 2011, , we built the platform of technology investment and financing, which realized the collaborative combination of the science park, technology enterprise and finance capital.

In 2012, we established the first platform for innovation incubation---Houde Innovation Valley, which firstly explored the novel mode in industry incubation of the integration of incubation and investment in the subdivided field of mobile internet and cultural creativity industry.

In 2012, it became the member enterprise of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd and was confirmed as the strategic functional platform of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd at the same time, and undertakes the missions of the regional butt-joint combination of Tsinghua industry system and the construction of the industry base of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd.

In 2013, we established Zhongguancun Kechuang incubator in the Silicon Valley, USA, which is the first overseas incubation platform of Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone and builds the platform for cooperation and communication of regional governments at home and abroad, thus, the integration and circulation of high-end innovative elements at home and abroad are realized.

In 2014, THTI Hengye Investment Co., Ltd was established.

In 2014, The nation's first innovative entrepreneurial blocks - zhongguancun business street, street booster double gen boom across the country.

In 2015, To launch the country's first youth entrepreneurial complex - small kind youth community, clear control kechuang carrier's innovation development mode of community.
In 2016, Set up Beijing double gen street investment management co., LTD.